Three Orphaned Bobcat Kittens Reunited In Colorado

For a big cat living in the modern world, it can be a very scary place. It’s a well-known fact that the big cats of North America are losing their natural habitats year after year as towns and cities expand. And for a big cat kitten, the world can be a terrifying place if you’ve become lost from your mother—and your siblings, too. Colorado Parks and Wildlife are a team of extremely dedicated individuals who work overtime to preserve and protect the nature and wildlife that makes Colorado a truly special state. On July 10th, they received a call about a bobcat kitten that was seeking safety under the hood of a vehicle.

A woman visiting Colorado from Indiana took it upon herself to save the day. She quickly lured the kitten with a sandwich and waited for rescue workers to come take the little one to a much safer place.

Obviously the poor little thing was terrified—all alone without any siblings or mother to speak of. She was taken to Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation center to get the help she needs before she will be released back into the wild someday. While alone, she is in good hands and safe from danger. But fate had a purrfect surprise in store for her. Because this week, Colorado Parks and Wildlife made a new discovery of two more orphaned bobcat kittens—her siblings! It’s easy to see from the precious images, the band was all pleased to be back together once again!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed to local news stations that the siblings will be raised together until the day comes that they can all be safely rereleased back to the wild. The kittens are all happy and healthy—and most of all, grateful to have each other. The good people at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation are caring for the kittens and sharing their adorable photos and updates for us all to enjoy before releasing these big cats back to the wild where they belong.

CBS 4 Denver shared a clip of the reunited siblings this week:

If you’d like to learn more about Colorado Parks and Wildlife and all the amazing things that they do to keep Colorado beautiful, you can visit their website here. 

Bobcat kittens sure are cute. But sometimes, a good Samaritan might not realized they are in fact wild cats upon rescuing them—just like this woman in Tennessee did when rescuing a “kitten” from a busy road. You can read about it here on

Images Courtesy of Wetmore Historical Society on Facebook

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