Meet Nestor And Bodhi: Two Inseparable Rescued Ginger Brothers

I think many of us love ginger tabbies. Ever since the days of Morris the Cat and Garfield, ginger tabbies have left a special paw print on the hearts of many cat lovers worldwide. For Nestor and Bodhi—AKA the little purrinces on Instagram—they are here to steal your heart with their effortless adorableness. The two are clearly in sync and always ready for their photo op, and I have a feeling that you’re going to love them just as much as I do!

Everyone, meet Nestor and Bodhi!

It’s clear to see that the two cat brothers are inseparable, and their photos are just too precious!

nestor and bodhi

Bread loaf brothers!

And the snuggle IS real sometimes…especially when they were naughty and kept their parents up all night. Oops!

The two were born on June 9, 2017, and together they live with their humans in Chicago, Illinois. I had a chance to connect with their owners, and asked them a few questions about their super cute twosome. You can check out my questions and their answers below!

How did The Little Purrinces come into your life?

“Bodhi and Nestor were at an animal shelter in downstate Illinois (hoopeston animal rescue team) and we were in contact with a Chicago based rescue organization (Feline Friends) who knew we were interested in fostering and potentially adopting 2 kittens. When they heard about these two gingers, they sent us some pics and soon they were transported to Chicago where we picked them up at a vet’s office. They purred the entire drive home 🥰 and we signed the adoption papers soon after.”

Can you please tell me a little about their personalities?

“These two are the sweetest cats we could hope for. Bodhi is for sure a momma’s boy and is always down for a cuddle or belly rub. Nestor is a bit more independent, but when he wants pets and cuddles, he will seek you out and looks forward to his evening cuddle as soon as his cat dad comes home from work. They’re both very playful. Nestor loves his wand toys and cat nip toys and Bodhi loves to play fetch with his coils and crinkle balls.”

“Does anyone know if they make breath fresheners for cats? My brother Bodhi could really use one! “
What inspired you to create a social media presence for Nestor and Bodhi?

“We started this account just so we could document our time with them and have something to easily remember our favorite photos and memories of them. We love being able to share their silly quirks with friends across the world.”

What’s something special you’d want people to know about them?

“I think our cats have opened up many of our friends who have historically disliked cats to how awesome cats can be. They are outgoing and curious and respond to their names when called.”

the little purrinces

Wondering where their names come from? 

“Nestor is named after our favorite restaurant (Bar Nestor) in San Sebastián Spain as he was such a voracious kitten. Bodhi is named for the tree under which Buddha found enlightenment, but I don’t think many would say he is very enlightened.”

No sibling rivalry here—awww!

I’d like to give a special thank you to their owners for sharing their story with me and allowing me to share it—as well as their adorable photos with all of you. Know someone who loves cats who would enjoy seeing this purrfect ginger pair? Share this article with them to brighten their day.

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