Lucky Kitties Get Vintage TV Hangout Thanks To Handy Cat Mom

I think cat beds can be super cute, but there is something to be said about cat moms and dads that go the extra mile to gift their kitty a unique space to call their own. I’m a lover of nostalgia and all things vintage, so when I came across this truly unique and special renovation for kitties, I couldn’t help but reach out. Emily is a dedicated cat mom who is quite creative and loves to get hands-on, and her kitties are certainly lucky to have her as their cat mom!

Emily has three rescue kitties named Woody, Oakley, and Rossi. A lover of all things vintage and cats, she wanted to gift her kitties something special that they both could enjoy. So, when she found an old television, she had just the idea how to transform it into something purrfect she and her kitties both could enjoy. It would take a lot of hard work, but Emily didn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and taking on the challenge! After all, her kitties deserve their best life and it would be well worth it to see them happy in their custom TV bed!

What inspired you to create this cool cat hangout?

I created the cool cat hangout because I love vintage and classic things along with music. It’s a real passion I have. I was always told I have an old soul and I think that’s was makes me love vintage.

You said this is your second one, what was the first one like?

My first one was a smaller version. It was just a TV by itself. It was cute, but when I came across this bigger one with the turn table and radio with 8 track player I had to have it!

How do the kitties feel about it?

So far the kitties are loving it! It has a super soft pillow in it with a fuzzy case.

Do you have a cute name for it?

I call it Nanny.

What was the process like renovating the TV?

The process of renovating it was a chore. I had to blow it out with the air compressor to get all the dust out so I could see the wires. I did plug it in to try the TV. It did come on but then caught fire! I shut it off immediately and we cut all the tv wires and unbolted the tv out of it. Luckily the radio had a separate plug so that made that easy. We then went to the hardware store, got masonite board, and cut the sections for walls to block in the cat bed. The “wallpaper” I used is actually scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. I cut a little shelf for decor out of the masonite board and then made little canvases! It was a pretty easy project but I will say my smaller TV was A LOT easier.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to do something like this for their cats?

If someone wanted to do this just be careful with all the wires and tools you’re going to need. Keep the original color of the TV if possible, my first one I painted and regretted it. When working on the TV, have an open mind on all the possibilities you can do and don’t stress. It’s an awesome project to do and I will probably do it again! Lol

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Emily for allowing me to share her adorable photos of her cats in their TV hangout—AKA Nanny! I know for sure my cats would absolutely love this—but maybe I’ll just write them a story and read it to them instead since hands-on projects are not my forte. If you know someone who’s a fan of all things vintage and cats, don’t forget to share this article with them!

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All Images Courtesy of Emily Peebles

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