Transform This IKEA Doll Bed Into The Cutest Bed Ever For Your Cat

My cats are very much in love with sleeping in boxes, but they fancy themselves a good bed, too. Typically it’s mine, but I often like to spoil them with things of their very own. The trouble is, most fancy cat beds can be pricey. So, sometimes you need to get creative. IKEA has the perfect idea for you if you want to spoil your kitty with their very own bed. And the best part is, it’s super affordable and really dang cute. But, as with anything with IKEA, assembly is required. But it’s okay, you don’t have to be able to read Swedish to construct this easy-to-assemble doll bed. If this doesn’t already sound tempting, just wait till you see the photos! For less than $20, you can turn a doll bed into the cutest sleeping spot ever for your pampered feline friend.

Cat owners started transforming these doll beds into cat beds a few years ago and sharing them online. And I’d have to say the idea is still totally adorable!

doll bed for cats

Rise and shine, kitty!

The DUKTIG Doll bed with bed linen set is available in a soft pine color, and it retails for just $14.99. You can order it for delivery or pick up, and if you have kids in your home they’ll love tucking their kitties in to sleep, too!

And if you have trouble finding it available on IKEA’s website, you can even order it from Amazon with Prime shipping options. 

Want to kick up the cuteness factor a notch? You can even go on Etsy and order some insanely cute fitted sheets with a matching pillow for your cat’s dolly bed! Seriously, these may be the most precious photos I’ve ever seen…

Image Courtesy of Xenotees on Etsy
Image Courtesy of Xenotees on Etsy

If you’re like most cat owners, you have at least two cats in your home. So, why not spoil both of your kitties then! Thanks to, you can transform two beds into one unit by making bunk beds for your cats! They’re housemates, after all. So, why not give them a space where they can hang together and catch a good snooze. Again, the images are just too cute!

doll bed for cats

This expression is the best!

This cat owner got super creative and mounted his cats’ doll beds, and the floating bed perches are just too cool. We all know that felines are expert perchers, so you know these are some happy campers right here!

I can’t get enough of these ridiculously cute kitties all tucked in! Have you ever done anything like this for your cat? I’m thinking of testing out the bunk beds and having my daughters help me paint them in fun designs. If you’ve got a photo to share of your cat in their little feline doll bed, I’d love to see it!

Just look at that little propped foot! 

Know someone else who would think this is a really adorable idea? Don’t forget to share this article with them. If you’re the crafty type, then take a look at these crochet cat couches that are just too cute. With all this extra time on our hands spent at home, what better way to pass the time than to spoil our feline friends! These are so cute, they really make me wish I was crafty! See a cute collection of them here on 

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