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Man Turns “My Dinner With Smokey” Into A Cute Calendar

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to dating a cat owner, the fact of the matter is that the cat is part of a package deal. Things can sometimes be difficult at first. And oftentimes the closer you become with your mate, the closer you become with their pets, too. For Tom Cunningham, he’s grown to love Smokey, his girlfriend’s eight-year-old tabby cat very much. Just like any cat, Smokey is an expert at casting his spell and making a chosen human develop a strong bond with him. Tom and Smokey developed a bond over their love of food—particularly Smokey closely observing the boyfriend eat the food. 

We know that cats are naturally curious little beings, and Smokey is no different. But there is something about looking at this cute gray tabby next to a plate of food that can’t help but make you smile. I came across Tom and Smokey’s story on PopSugar and reached out to see if I could share their story and the adorable images with Cattitude Daily readers. Thankfully Tom agreed. So keep reading to find out more about this cute cat and the man whose grown to love him—and their purrfect little meal ritual.

How many images are featured in the calendar?

“12 and a cover.”

Will Smokey’s calendar be for sale?

“If there’s interest then probably yes.”

Be honest, are you Smokey’s favorite person? (Seems like it!)

“He’s a mummy’s boy. He’s interested in me when I have food!”

What inspired you to create this calendar?

“My girlfriend loves Smokey; it was near Christmas and I taught him to sit at the dinner table, and the idea came to me! I thought it would be a lovely little keepsake.”

Have you settled on an official name for the calendar?

“My Dinner with Smokey”

I’d like to give a special thank-you to Tom for allowing me to share his images and story with you all here. If you know someone who would enjoy this adorable human-and-cat friendship ritual, don’t forget to share it with them, too. Because the world can certainly use more happy stories like this one! And if “My Dinner with Smokey” does get made into an official calendar, I know I’ll be one of the first to buy it!

All Images Courtesy of Tom Cunningham


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