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Meet Lilly: A Cat With Sassy Eyebrows To Make You Think She’s Judging You

by Cattitude Daily

Lilly is a gorgeous five-year-old calico cat that is strikingly unique. Calico cats are loved by many, but for this calico queen, she’s a bit judgy. You see, with eyebrows as defined and shaded as hers, it’s hard to think she’s not looking at you with discontent. Matched with gorgeous green peepers, Lilly’s face looks right through you with her mesmerizing gaze. But she can judge me all she wants because I think she’s fabulous.

Lilly Crazy Eyes

It’s reported that Lilly was found roaming the streets of New Jersey before her owner rescued her at roughly four months of age. The Cara Delevingne feline doppelganger first started surfacing online in 2016 shortly after her owner started a social media account for her. Eyebrows or not, Lilly is one super photogenic cat if you ask me.

Warning: Detecting high levels of sass right here!

Lily the eyebrow cat

Lily the eyebrow cat

Her Facebook page tells more about Lilly, whose social media presence is better known as Lilly Crazy Eyes:

My name is Lilly and I am 4 years old! I found my furever home in 2015. I have some crazy eyebrows and people say I look like model, Cara Delevingne. I’m one sassy cat and absolutely hate Mondays. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Yummy Pets!
Like most cats, Lilly loves to position herself into her owner’s bags. Particularly ones that they are wanting to use…
Lilly the eyebrow cat
When Lilly isn’t busy celebrating Caturday, she’s a big fan of Whisker Wednesday, too!
Lilly the eyebrow cat
Just look at this intense stare. She could hypnotize anyone like this!
Don’t let those brows fool you, Lilly loves to play and is actually quite sweet, too:
Lilly Crazy Eyes
lilly the eyebrow cat

Can’t get enough of Lilly? Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with her cattitude on the daily!

All Images Courtesy of Lilly_CrazyEyes on Instagram

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