Games You Can Play With Your Cat

If there’s one thing our cats love, it’s games. Our witty kitties don’t like to sit still – they love to play around. It’s hard to resist playing around with our cats – they’re always a hoot to play with. There are actually more games you can play with your cat than you think. These games are not only an awesome way to bond with your cat but to also give your cat a little more mind and body exercise.

Let’s discover all the super fun games you can play with your cat!

games you can play with your cat

Cat Hide and Seek

Kids and kitties both love to play this game. When it comes to playing hide and seek with cats, you may have to be a little more clever. Cats are born predators, who know how to search for their prey.

So, how do you play hide and seek with your cat? You can keep it simple, by calling their name while you hide somewhere around the house. Don’t be surprised by how fast your cat finds you!

To make the game a little more challenging for your cat, try calling your cat’s name for something that’s in line with their usual schedule, like mealtime or letting them outside. Before your cat appears, venture into another room so that your cat searches for you. This will puzzle your cat and get them into their hunting mode, fast. If you want, you can reward your cat with a tasty treat when they find you.

The Classic String Game

Of all the games you can play with your cat, this is the most classic. Nothing beats watching a cat play with string. It’s the simplest way to snag a cat’s attention. That’s because a cat’s natural instincts perk up when they spy on a strange object. They can’t resist investigating!

You can also step up the string game a notch too. Instead of playing with just a string, you can also tie a feather or one of your cat’s favorite toys to it. Your cat will be 100 percent interested in chasing whatever you tie to the string until they finally catch it!

The Blanket Game

This is one game you can play with your cat that is extra fun when you’re laying in bed or on the couch with your cat. Move your cat’s toy or any safe object around under a blanket. This will catch your cat’s attention instantly. It’s a super fun game to play, to watch your cat try to grab and pounce on the mysterious object. Key tip: Don’t use your own hands or feet – it will only result in lots of scratches. Ouch!

Go ‘Fishing’ for Your Cat

This is another old-school game to play that never gets old. All you need is a string (with something tied onto it) or a cat teaser toy. You simply dangle either over a door, couch, or anything tall enough that your cat has to reach for the toy or string. As your cat tries to reach for the end, lift it up. Wait until your cat catches the toy or string like a pro!

games you can play with your cat

Play Fetch

Yes – cats can play fetch too! The game works just the same with cats, but you may have to work a little harder to train your kitty to bring the ball or toy back to you. Always make sure you use a toy that is easy for them to pick up and carry around.

Spy on Your Cat

This may sound like your invading your cat’s privacy, but don’t you worry! Installing a little camera and watching your cat’s moves can help you play games with your cat, from afar. There are plenty of pet-friendly cameras out there to use that allow you to control everything right from your phone.

games you can play with your cat

Ping Pong

Unfortunately, cats can’t hold a ping pong paddle. But, they surely know how to play with a ping pong ball. All you have to do is bounce a ping pong ball on the floor. Your cat will immediately bounce along with the ping pong ball, trying to catch it.

Watch a Video Together

There’s nothing like watching your cat’s reaction to a video. It’s a little game to observe just how your cat reacts to different things. Plus, showing your cat a video is a great way to sharpen your cat’s senses and keep them entertained!

As you can see, there are plenty of games you can play with your cat. Any of these games are fun and simple enough to introduce to your kitty anytime.

Try any of these games? Don’t be shy to leave a comment on your favorite games to play with your feline friends!

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