Feline 411: All About The Balinese Cat Breed

Some may mistake a Balinese cat for a Siamese, but this cat is one of a kind. Balinese kitties have beautiful long-haired fur, striking blue eyes, and an adorable personality.  It’s hard not to adore these cats! Let’s learn a little bit more about what makes the Balinese cat breed so unique. Balinese cat breed

The Balinese cat breed spontaneously occurred!

There wasn’t a plan to breed the Balinese. This gorgeous kitty actually happened by accident. History tells us that, in the 1940s, a breeder noticed Siamese kittens with long-haired fur in a litter. Their long hair resulted from a spontaneous mutation in the genes of a Siamese, creating the Balinese cat. What is even more interesting is that this spontaneous mutation wasn’t a new occurrence. In fact, the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) recognized a longhair Siamese in 1928. Yet, it wasn’t until after the 1940s that the Balinese became an official breed… Many believe that these long-haired Siamese cats were bred out of litters selectively to keep the Siamese cats as ‘purebred’ as possible. When the Balinese cat was finally recognized in the 1940s and 1950s, it came as no surprise – World War I and World War II had recently passed and deeply depleted the domestic cat population. To save the Siamese, breeders were less particular about air-lengths. The result was the revival of the long-haired mutation and the official birth of the Balinese cat breed! Balinese cat breed

These cats are not actually Balinese…

The funny thing about the Balinese cat breed is that it didn’t come from Bali or have ancestors that did. A breeder actually picked the name because of the Balinese cat’s graceful nature. It reminded the breeder so much of Balinese dancers that she decided to name this cat breed after them. This worked out, as many Siamese breeders were very opposed to naming this new breed a Siamese…

These kitties give a lot of love

A Balinese will be right there for you if you’re experiencing heartbreak, trust me. Balinese cats are super affectionate. They love to connect with their humans and often have a great sense of their human companions’ emotions. Balinese cats are also always ready for belly rubs and cuddles. But, most of all, these cats love to be silly and play all kinds of games. The Balinese actually adore a good game of fetch! balinese cat breed

The Balinese also are very clever kitties…

What makes the Balinese so playful is how curious and brilliant they are. The Balinese are one of the smartest cat breeds around. You can notice this in how inquisitive they are. The Balinese cat breed is known for loving to investigate. These kitties are super athletic, jumping and climbing on anything of their interest. This is usually so that they can find the perfect place to observe an entire room. As you can see, the Balinese are very tactical kitties who always want to know what’s up!

These cats love to strike up a conversation

You wouldn’t believe how much these cats love to chat! It’s the way that Balinese cats express their emotions, including how much they love their humans. This is a trait they definitely get from their Siamese family, although typically the Balinese aren’t as chatty as their Siamese relatives.Balinese Cat Breed Information

The Balinese cat breed has pretty color points

The beautiful color points on Balinese cats are hard to miss. Color points refer to the different colored fur on a cat’s ears, face, paws, tail, or even nose. These unique color variations in Balinese fur come directly from their Siamese heritage. The two breeds also share the same kinds of color points too. There can be blue, seal, chocolate, or even lilac color point Siamese or Balinese cats. These color points give Balinese cats all a unique look. balinese cat breed

And, they don’t shed as much as you’d think!

Many often think that because a Balinese has long hair, this cat sheds a ton of fur. That’s not true at all. Balinese shed the least compared to other long-haired cat breeds. The Balinese only have one coat, meaning that these cats are simple to groom and have less hair to shed. This is one of the reasons many adore the Balinese- you get to look at a gorgeous long-haired kitty without having to deal with any major grooming hassle! There’s no doubt that the Balinese are intelligent and pretty kitties. We are so grateful that these wonderful cats came to be. If you or someone you know has a Balinese kitty, share this article with them. They may learn a thing or two about their funny and friendly feline! Balinese cat breed

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