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Feline 411: All About The Exotic Shorthair

by Victoria

Wide-eyed and adorable, Exotic Shorthair cats are one of the most popular breeds around. Many don’t realize that this is a relative breed, with a unique history. Let’s discover all the reasons why people fall in love with Exotic kitties!

exotic shorthair cat facts

This breed was a secret at first…

The Exotic Shorthair cat didn’t happen by pure accident. This breed was created purposefully by American Shorthair fanciers in the 1960s who thought that Shorthairs and Persians together would create a very pretty kitty.

As you could imagine American Shorthair breeders weren’t too happy about this. They were obstinate to let this new American Shorthair-Persian hybrid cat be taken seriously. But, Cat Fancier Association judge and breeder Jane Martinke had a different idea. She thought the breed had great potential and accepted it to CFA championship status in 1967.

As this new cat breed gained more popularity, the CFA limited Exotic Shorthair breeding to only American Shorthairs and Persians. Before, some breeders actually crossed Burmese and Russian Blue cats as well, so that the cats could achieve a perfectly silvery coat.


Garfield was an Exotic Shorthair cat!

Yes, the lasagna-loving cat Garfield was an Exotic Shorthair. While this cat breed was first bred to be silver-colored, the continued breeding with only Persian cats created Exotic Shorthairs all kinds of colors. This includes orange tabby, like Garfield!

The ironic part is that Garfield’s character doesn’t exactly reflect an Exotic’s personality. Garfield was known for his sarcastic and sort of selfish personality, not to mention his excessive laziness and terrible love of food. Exotic Shorthairs aren’t like that at all…

If there’s one word to describe an Exotic Shorthair, it’s loyal.

Exotic Shorthairs love their humans. They are super loyal to their owners. So much so that they adore cuddles and will even purr or lick you to show off their affection.

Exotic Shorthairs adapt to your schedule. These cats won’t pressure you- they’re usually down to do whatever you want to do! That could be playing a fun game or snuggling up and watching a movie together.

When you’re alone with your Exotic Shorthair, don’t be surprised by how much love their shower you in. But, when a new person comes around, watch as your Exotic gives them the cold shoulder. Their love is reserved for you, and only you.

exotic shorthair cat

This is also one chill kitty

What many adore about Exotics is just how chill these cats are. They don’t really put any pressure on you. Exotics just go with the flow.

Exotics are very polite kitties. They rarely meow, only gently nudging you or meowing softly when they need something. These cats also prefer calm environments and cozy places to hang out. So, always make sure there’s a special space for your Exotic on your couch.

These cats also do not need a ton of space to live a full life. They can thrive in a little apartment or a mansion. To Exotic Shorthair,  there really isn’t a difference, unless you leave them alone too long. Exotics are very susceptible to separation anxiety and need consistent attention.

Someone nicknamed this cat the “Lazy Man’s Persian”

One upper hand of the Exotic is it is a lot lower-maintenance than its Persian parents.

Persian cats have long, delicate fur that requires daily grooming. For busy folks, that may sound like a lot. Exotic Shorthairs, on the other hand, only need to be groomed weekly. That’s because Exotics acquired a shorter coat from their Shorthair parents, which is a lot easier to take care of than a Persian’s long locks.

exotic shorthair kittens

But, make sure to take care of your Exotic Shorthair’s face

What can cause trouble for your Exotic Shorthair is surprisingly its face (despite how cute this cat is!) This kitty inherited a flat nose from its Persian parents. This may cause breathing problems for your cat. With that said, it is super important that you monitor your cat’s diet, ensuring that your Exotic maintains a healthy weight. Cat obesity will only cause more breathing issues for your Exotic.

Flat-nosed kitties also struggle with tear drainage. This may cause your Exotic to have tear stains under their eyes, which you should gently clean often. Remember – Exotics are very sweet-tempered and usually make grooming a painless process.

Exotics may be a new breed, but they sure are loved. Do you or anyone you know have an Exotic Shorthair at home? If so, don’t be shy to share any of these Exotic Shorthair facts with them. We’d also love to hear all your stories about these sweet kitties too.

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