Do Cats Like Music?

We obviously know that cats are a different species. But there are some common interests that we do share, and when we see our cats liking things that we like, it’s a warm fuzzy feeling. Obviously eating is high on that list of things we like to do together, and there are several human foods you can safely share with your cat in small portions. But, have you ever asked yourself if cats like music?

do cats like music?

I know I’ve seen my cat take interest in animal shows before when I’m watching them on television. Any many people will ask themselves if cats really understand television. In case you didn’t already know, they actually make music just for cats. This music for cats has even shown to have positive benefits when played during vet visits, too.

I’m sure you might be wondering to yourself, “what exactly is cat music?”

Well, I’ve gathered a sample for your listening pleasure. And if your cat is in the room while you’re reading this, feel free to let them get a listen, too. Studies show that they’re fans of it! The company Relax My Cat has a YouTube channel with a broad selection of tunes geared specifically towards our feline friends. 

But, back to the question concerning human-related music. If you’re wondering if cats like music when it comes to the stuff that we listen to, well, there are a few specific factors that come into play

Let’s say you’re in a big jam out session. You’re in an intense cleaning zone, or you’re working out and getting a good sweat on. Music is great for releasing endorphins, gets our blood pumping, and most definitely intensifies are mood. But remember, your feline friend is not a fan of loud sounds. And you probably wouldn’t be either if your sense of hearing was as magnified as theirs is. In fact, there sense of hearing is their strongest sense by far. So, loud music has a completely opposite effect on our feline friends. It can make their heart race and send them into panic mode. 

Cats like music on their terms. Not yours.

I’ve seen several videos online of cats enjoying it when their humans play piano. But cats are wonderful at sensing human emotions, so I’d like to wager that cats are reading their owners expression when this happens. And I’d even go so far as to say that cats could even feel a little jealous. Maybe that’s why they’ll channel their inner Puss in Boots as a way to get their humans to stop playing and pay attention to them instead.

Cats will be cats, and that’s just the truth. If cats were to enjoy music aside from the cat relaxation music that I sampled for you above, then nature sounds, soothing spa, and classical tunes would likely be up their alley. Cats aren’t going to jam rap or death metal, but I think it goes without saying that cat people already knew that! Dogs, however, have been proved to be a fan of reggae music, believe it or not.

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do cats like music?

Yes, your cat can hear you when you call their name. Sometimes they just don’t care—and one study has proof of it. Not sure why they’ve ever need a study for that—just ask a cat owner!
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