Do Cats Like Hugs?

When we care about someone, we typically want to hug them. It’s a natural feeling to want to embrace someone that you care about—so, why would our cats be any different? We all care about our cats, but we know that cats show and interpret affection differently from the way we do. What humans could find sentimental a cat could even find offensive.

Many of us will bestow little forehead kisses on our cats, but have you ever wondered if cats like hugs, too? Here we’ll take a closer look to see if our kitties want to be hugged.

Your cat might not completely get what you mean when you hug them

We know that cats will contort their fluffy bodies to fit in the tiniest of spaces. But, a tight fit on their terms doesn’t always mean they’re eager to receive a big squeeze from you. Your cat is probably quick to cuddle with you on their terms, and there are many cats out there that fancy themselves as lap cats, too. But, remember, this is your cat embracing you in a way that allows them to feel comfortable.

As we mentioned above, your cat might not fully understand what a hug is and what it means to you. This is because cats don’t go around hugging other cats. It’s really that simple. However, your cat is intelligent enough to know that a hug is something special to you…that’s why they’ll sometimes oblige you when you give them kitty hugs.

A hug might not be a comfortable position for your cat

Your cat might know exactly when and where their next meal is coming from, but that doesn’t mean that their fight-or-flight instincts aren’t hardwired into their brain. When your cat hugs you, or should we say, when you initiate a hug with your cat, this usually has their body and limbs stretched out which can feel a bit awkward in their minds. That may be the reason that your cat doesn’t like hugs, or why they might be quick to shift their bodies the moment they’ve decided your quick hug is done.

A hug might be a relaxing feeling for you, but the same cannot always be said for your cat. Additionally, there are breeds of cats that are known for being more laidback than others, like Ragdolls and Persians. These cat breeds might even like hugs. Also, your cat’s socialization in kittenhood can play a big role in whether or not they welcome closer human contact.

Should I give my cat hugs?

It goes without saying that cats are truly individuals by nature. What one cat could detest another could adore. Additionally, life experiences can shape your feline friend’s mental awareness of personal space. You might even have a cat that loves hugs, and if you do, well, consider yourself pretty lucky! You’ve got yourself a super laidback cat that others can admire. Just as cats have weird ways of showing affection we need to learn to interpret, your cat could view your human hug as a super weird way of showing them that you care.

We know all too well that cats prefer things strictly on their terms. So, forcing affection on your feline friend is something that no cat owner should ever do…unless they want to end up with an arm full of scratches. If your cat likes hugs, you’ll be the first to know, because they will allow you to hug them and won’t push back on it. If you sense a struggle, slowly let go and allow your cat the ability to go. Forcing affection on your cat repeatedly will make them develop distrust in you, and that’s something you never want to do with your cat. Show your cat affection with gentle scratches loving pets, brushing their coat, mental stimulation, and, in moderation, extra treats. It’s important to bond with your cat, but remember, the way we bond with cats can differ greatly from how we bond with humans.

Allow your kitty to show you affection on their terms

Although we’d never think to flash our rear to people we respect, our cats are not people. The ways of the feline kind don’t have to be mysterious, and learning more about cat body language will allow you to see all how your cat shows you affection. Some of these ways are quite obvious, like rubbing and bunting, but there are many other ways cats bestow affection onto us.

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