Ways Your Cat Shows Their Love For You In Their Language

I think a cat’s weirdness is one of their most endearing qualities. We know the basic signs that our cats love us. Like when they knead us or bunt us or purr happily in our presence. They might even bring us dead things, too. But there are some other lesser-known—and some might say a bit odd—signs that our cats will prove their affections for us. Wondering what they are? Just keep reading!

Here is my list of ways cats show their love for you in their own purrfect way…

Check out my derrière

I adore all three of my cats, but when they decide to moon me randomly while I’m petting them I’m quick to turn my head away. Think for a second that you are a cat. You’re fierce, stealthy, and always on guard. For you, turning your back to someone is when you’re most vulnerable. While we humans wouldn’t turn our backs to someone as a sign of respect, your cat is also doing this to give you, um, a whiff of what they have to offer, too.

Cats willingly offer these areas up so that their friends can take a whiff. This odor exchange is a great form of communication for our feline friends, and your cat assumes you operate in the same way. Just don’t freak out your cat and put your rear in their face…

Watch my tail quiver

My little ginger cat named Tom does this often. For the longest time, I simply thought that he was doing it because he was spraying. Because to the untrained eye, it does appear like a cat is spraying. But, unlike spraying, this is a tail quiver that is happening in your presence, and your feline friend isn’t backed up against a hard surface marking their territory.

So, when cats do this in your presence, it doesn’t actually relate to spraying like a cat would do whenever they’re marking their territory. It’s actually a weird way they’re showing their affection for you.

Here’s an example of it in action…

Things cats do when they love you

Like their ears, your cat’s tail is a mood indicator. And when their mood is one of happiness, this cute tail quiver action can come into playKaren Reese, the animal behavior manager at Operation Kindness, says“Cats that love you will put their tail straight up in the air with a hook on the end (like a candy cane). They may vibrate their tail when they see you indicating their excitement.”

As I mentioned, this is entirely different than cat spraying. And yes, cats can—and sometimes will—spray even after they’ve been neutered or spayed. This can happen for a few reasons, actually. You can read about them here in my article, should you like.

Arching Backs

Of course, the quintessential black Halloween cat image comes to mind when we think of cats arching their backs. But when your cat is being petted by you and they arch their backs, this is a weird way they show their love for you. It’s as if their body is saying to you, this feels really good and I want to get even closer.

If you’re petting your kitty and you’ve reached a sweet spot that feels really good to them, they’ll arch their backs because they love the action taking place and want to give you easier access to it. Under normal circumstances, an arched back is a warning or sign of fear. But when your cat is arching back when you’re petting them, this is a sign of love.

weird ways cats show their love for you

Watch my roll

My Maine Coon cat always does this, and thankfully I’m quick on my feet and don’t trip when he does this right in front of me. Cats flash their bellies as a telltale sign that they love you, and when your cat rolls happily on the ground, this is a sign, too.

Your cat rolling at your feet is a loving greeting of belly flashes and submission, which cats are not quick to give to just anyone. Feel very special when this occurs! A cat is most vulnerable when they are on their back, so when they do this it’s an ultimate sign of trust. Just don’t think to go rubbing that tummy unless you want a hand full of scratches or bite scrapes in return. This is your first and last warning…just don’t.

I’m scratching just for you

Cats use their claws for many necessary reasons, and leaving their territorial scent on things is certainly one of them. Although we may not love the result of our favorite sweater or couch being shredded by cat scratches, your cat is scratching on these items/surfaces heavily marked with your scent because they are marking you as theirs.

Usually, cats will groom to get your scent off of them after you pet them. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that one!) But, when your cat is scratching on places heavy in your scent, they are wanting to pick up on your scent and mark theirs on yours. And they’re not just scratching for scents. They might want others in your home to know that you’re theirs and not anyone else’s. Possessive much! Awww??

This is my bed

Just like I mentioned above with scratching, your cat will want to bask in your scent if they love you, too. This means that your cat’s favorite napping spot is A: on you, or B: in your bed! When our cats feel a closeness to us, their desire to be near is very strong. When you’re gone and return home to find your feline friend in your bed or on your favorite chair, they’re doing this as a way to calm themselves in your absence. How sweet is that?!

Tail wrapped right around you

Your cat’s tail is many things. But basically your cat’s tail is like their mood ring. It’s not going to change colors on you, but it will change shapes depending on what they’re feeling. Understanding cat tail talk will most certainly give you detailed insight into the feline mind. One thing that some cats will lovingly do to their owners—or even to another cat—is to wrap their tail around them. Typically this is your leg that’s being looped in lovingly by their tail when they’re at your feet…hopefully not trying to trip you simultaneously. Cats are not grudgeful beings despite what many might think, so if you fall, don’t take it personally.

Let’s have a lick

Did you know that cats do not possess the ability to taste sweetness? If only we could say the same to keep those pesky pounds off, right?! Well, your cat licking you is most certainly a sign of affection. And no, not when they lick you when you’re fresh out of the shower. They’re just trying to get a taste of that fresh, room temperature water they prefer when they do that. 

When your cat licks you, they’re not necessarily doing this to see if you taste like chicken so that they can murder you in your sleep. They’re actually performing an act known as social grooming. This is similar to cats who cohabitate and are fond of one another. Cats groom each other as a symbol of affection and protection. So, why would you be any different? Maybe just try not to groom them back unless you want a mouth full of fur.

cats show their love for you

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