Do Cats Like Kisses?

do cats like kisses

We obviously know that cats are not dogs, so they aren’t likely to greet us at the door upon arrival with a big sloppy kiss. I have a dog that is constantly trying to get French on me, and clearly sharing a wet kiss with a Chihuahua is not something I’m keen on. When it comes to my cats, I will often give them a kiss on the forehead and tell them that I love them. But, have you ever stopped to wonder, do cats like kisses?

I wonder if cats amuse us and simply allow it…or do they actually like the affection we are bestowing upon them with our puckered lips?

Let’s take a closer look and dive into some fun behavioral science to see if cats like kisses…

do cats like kisses?

The first point to consider is that cats are individuals

We obviously know that some cats are more affectionate than other cats. And it goes without saying that because of this, some cats are more inclined to respond to your advances for affection with them. But regardless of a cat’s temperament, all cats prefer things strictly on their terms.

With that being said, choose wisely when you want to give your kitty a smooch. Try doing this when they’ve come up to be pet or want to lay with you. Cats are not fans of sudden movement and are pretty much always on guard. Maybe try giving your kitty a kiss when they’re ready to snuggle with you.

do cats like kisses from humans?

Your cat doesn’t technically understand what a human kiss is

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your feline friend might not actually be capable of understanding what it means to you when you kiss them. To you, it’s an ultimate sign of affection that you do because you love them so much. In their minds, it’s likely you pushing your head against their head and rubbing against them with your mouth.

Cats communicate much differently than we do, so to them, they aren’t going to know what exactly it means when you give them a soft little smooch. If your cat loves you, which I’m sure that they do, then they tolerate this behavior and don’t mind so much because you do such a good job taking care of them.

So, while they might not be able to fully grasp the action of what you are doing, they understand that it makes you happy. And they are likely to purr in response because the two of you are bonding and sharing a ritual of creating happy memories together.

slow blink cat kiss

Cats like kisses in their own language

Did you know that cats will give other cats slow blinks? If you have two cats in your life, and they get along, you are likely to see this happen. But you know that your cat will slow blink at you, too, right? This is their way of giving you a kitty kiss! They do this because, to them, they feel relaxed and safe in your presence. If your cat is closing their eyes around you, this means that they trust you and that you don’t pose a threat to them.

Research has even shown that slow blinking with your cat is a great tool for communicating with them in a language that they can understand. So, try mixing in some slow blinks with them on a routine basis. Because cats like kisses on their terms—and especially in a language that they can fully understand.

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do cats like kisses?

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