Why Do Cats Chatter?

Cats make lots of interesting noises. Obviously we know that they meow, but there’s also another super cute noise that cats make that’s known as chatter. And, like it’s called, that’s a lot like what it sounds like, too. This interesting cat sound happens for two reasons. We obviously know that cats are all individuals, and there are some cats that are naturally more talkative than other cats. But when it comes to cat chatter, this is something that any cat can exhibit. It’s a fun thing to watch, so keep reading why it is that our feline friends make that clickety-clack sound!

why cats chatter

Here’s why cats chatter….

You might be sitting there minding your own business when all of a sudden your cat becomes quickly entranced by something. As you study their movements, you notice they often start to move slowly, their eyes fixated intensely. When your cat chatters, this is not the same sound as what you hear when your cat trills. A cat trill is that sweet little “brrrrr” sound that they often do upon waking or seeing you. Maine Coon cats are especially known for making these sounds. With cat chatter, this is often used when a cat is fixated on prey—which could be anything from a bird to a bug to a feather toy in your home.

When your cat does this, they are not trying to speak bird, squirrel, or feather.

(Although one study found a cat mimicking the sound of crying monkeys in the wild might have us thinking otherwise.) They are doing this because they are so intensely fixated on the prey that they know is out of reach. Even the most domesticated feline still has an urge to hunt—although, for some cats, the desire is not as strong as others. And, it’s obviously best to limit your cat’s hunting due to dwindling bird populations. In Australia, for example, many indigenous bird populations are facing extinction due to outdoor cats’ desires to hunt.

When cats chatter, it’s best believed that they are doing this because they are anxious and eager to zero in on that prey.

If they’re indoors and it’s something within reach, then that completes their hunting cycle and they’re happy. And, if it’s not, then they might be a bit of a sour puss about not getting what it is that they want—a tasty snack. Additionally, your feline friend has a super keen sense of smell. And they like to get a whiff of what they smell before they eat it, so they just might be imagining how yummy that prey would taste in their mouth.

If you notice that your cat is chattering at you, don’t worry. They’re not wondering what your flesh tastes like. They’re simply excited to see you! Or have you ever seen a cat chatter in its sleep? Well, I bet now that you know the above information, you’ll now know exactly what it is that they’re dreaming of—hunting prey!

why do cats chatter?

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