Comfortable Cat Beds for Every Type of Sleeper

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Key Points

  • A cat with anxiety needs security in their bed, whether with bolstered sides or an enclosure.

  • Create a refuge for your cat where they go to get away from other pets or people.

  • A bed with memory foam supports the bones and joints of a cat suffering from arthritis.

Your cat needs a cozy napping spot, but not every cat sleeps the same way. Find a comfortable bed, regardless of how your kitty likes to nap.

Not all cats are the same, so you have to know your cat before choosing their bed. Different styles cater to various occasions and situations. There are calming beds for cats with anxiety, cave beds for those that prefer enclosures, hammocks for loungers, and beds to go in crates.

Some cat beds are expensive, but there are less-expensive options. However your cat likes to sleep, there's a bed for them. This article lists the top eight comfortable cat beds to keep your furry companion purring in contentment.

Calming Cat Bed

by Lalipoda

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07/20/2024 06:06 pm GMT

LALIPODA Donut Cuddler

The LALIPODA Donut Cuddler is the perfect shape for cats that love to curl up in a ball when they sleep. Soft cotton fills the bed, and the lining is shag faux fur. The bed has a non-slip bottom, so it doesn't slide around when your cat hops into it. The entire bed is machine-washable for convenient cleaning.

The bolstered rim of the donut supports them equally on all sides as they sink into the middle. This creates feelings of security, which is especially useful for cats with separation anxiety. It's very similar to Best Friends by Sheri, a very popular calming bed for pets. The difference is this one is much less expensive.

Some cats prefer a more enclosed sleeping area. Put it in an elevated location to make them feel safer or in a quiet corner.

The experts of the Indoor Pet Initiative of Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Science recommend creating a refuge for your cat: "The refuge is a place your cat can retreat to when she needs quiet time alone. Your cat should be able to come and go freely from her refuge. When the cat is in her refuge, other members of the household, including people and pets, should not be allowed to bother her."

Whether your cat has anxiety or not, the donut cuddler is a comfortable, cozy bed.

Cat Bed Elevated Pet Hammock


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07/20/2024 07:00 pm GMT

Phyex Elevated Cat Hammock

The Phyex Elevated Cat Hammock is for cats that like a unique sleeping style. This hammock bed is sturdy and inviting. The bed fabric is strong, stitched well, breathable, and easy to keep clean. The pliable material conforms to your cat's body when they curl up or move around.

The strong, all-metal frame keeps your cat off the ground as they nap. The bed is easy to put together and includes all tools needed. The raised position allows space for airflow, keeping your cat cool in the summer. In the winter, throw a blanket or pillow in the hammock for warmth.

Some cats like to be in an elevated position when they sleep. This hammock accommodates that preference while remaining close to the ground for cats with limited mobility. Some customers say the instructions are difficult to follow, so account for all pieces and read the instructions thoroughly before beginning. If you don't like this style, other cat hammocks are available.

Pet Kitten Tent Cave

by PowerKing 

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07/20/2024 06:36 pm GMT

PowerKing Cave Bed

While the hammock addresses a preference for a more open sleeping space, the PowerKing Cave Bed is the opposite. Many cats enjoy hiding in closets, boxes, and other enclosed spaces. This cave bed appeals to that desire for seclusion.

Filled with cotton and made of plush material, this cave bed offers a cozy spot for napping while closing them off from outside distractions. Its cute bunny ears bring a little whimsy to your decor. It comes in two colors and a Christmas tree design for the holidays.

A toy ball hangs from the entrance when your cat feels like entertaining themselves before bed. A removable cushion allows for easy cleaning, and the entire bed is machine-washable. To maintain its shape, it's best to hand wash the shell.

Soho Round Cat Bed For Indoor Cats

by Pet Craft Supply 

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07/20/2024 08:51 pm GMT

Pet Craft Memory Foam Bed

If you have a senior cat or one with hip and joint issues, the Pet Craft Memory Foam Bed suits their needs. Memory foam supports achy joints without putting pressure on nerve endings and causing pain. This makes for a more restful sleeping experience and a much happier feline.

The Pet Craft Memory Foam Bed also has sides supporting your cat's head and neck if they want to stretch out when napping. The ultra-soft plush material invites them to snuggle into the bed while the temperature-sensitive material adjusts to their body heat. It keeps them warm on cold nights, which also affects joint pain.

The entire bed is machine-washable. To maintain its fluffiness, tumble dry on low heat or air dry. Vacuum and spot clean by hand to avoid losing its shape. This bed comes in only one size, so measure your cat before purchasing.

Self-Warming Pet Pad Thermal

by K&H Pet Products 

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07/20/2024 05:51 pm GMT

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pad

Another warming option is the K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pad. The self-warming technology of this bed captures your pet's body heat and radiates it back to keep them warm. The top layer acts as insulation, and the second layer reflects it. It requires no electricity, which is safer and more convenient.

This pad is reversible to give two color options. This lengthens the time between washes. The pad is machine-washable, but remember to vacuum off loose hair and debris to prevent clogs in the washer and excess hair in the dryer.

The rectangle shape is ideal for some pet carriers. This pad comes in one size (17 x 21"), so measure your crate and cat before buying it. The plush material is not a long shag like some other beds, so that some cats may prefer this feeling.

Round Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

by Bedsure 

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07/20/2024 05:01 pm GMT

Bedsure Round Cat Bed

If you have a large-breed cat or two cats that like to cuddle, the Bedsure Round Cat Bed comes in a large size. It has six-inch sides to envelop your cat and keep them safe. The suede leather and Sherpa fabrics are soft and comfortable. The sleeping cushion inside is detachable and machine-washable. It's also reversible, donning two different colors.

The bed itself is available in many different colors, giving you more choices than any other beds on the list. Customers write about how soft and comfortable the bed is and that their cats sleep in it for hours at a time. It's not a bad option for the price point compared to similar models from other brands.

Cat Beds for Indoor

by Bedsure 

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07/20/2024 09:35 pm GMT

Bedsure Cat Cave

The Bedsure Cat Cave is a two-in-one bed, giving your cat options when they nap. The cube design includes a cave on the bottom and another bed on top. The cave is for cats that like more seclusion, while the bed on top is open and a bit elevated.

It also works for multiple cats when they want their own spaces. Cats are sometimes territorial regarding their napping spots, so they need options to stay separated. A ball toy hangs from the cave's entrance for when your cat feels like playing. There's also a scratching surface on one of the outside walls for sharpening and shedding their claws.

The Bedsure Cat Cave is easy to assemble and folds for convenient storage. Sherpa fleece lines the top and inside the cave. It's a bit thin, which some cats prefer. If not, a bed easily fits inside or on top of the cube. Whether using it as a bed or a hideaway, it's a convenient and affordable choice for a two-in-one bed.

Check out a cat using the Bedsure Cat Cave in a YouTube video posted on July 31, 2023.

Bolster Pet Bed

by MidWest 

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07/20/2024 08:11 pm GMT

MidWest Fleece Cat Bed

The MidWest Fleece Cat Bed is a simple mat bed that fits into a crate. If your cat goes on a long trip with you, give them a comfortable ride. Different sizes are available, so measure the dimensions of your cat's crate before making a selection.

The MidWest Fleece Cat Bed is for cats that don't need walls, caves, or thick memory foam. It's a simple rectangular-shaped bed with a slightly bolstered rim. Though ideal as a crate bed, you may put it anywhere. It fits nicely on a shelf if your cat likes to remain elevated when they sleep.

For cat owners concerned about their budget, this is the least expensive bed on the list. The entire bed is machine-washable and dryer-friendly for convenience. This is a wonderful choice if your cat needs a simple resting place or a comfortable crate bed.

Time To Snuggle Up

You know what else is great about these products? The fact that they're affordable. Finding the most comfortable bed for your feline companion requires understanding their napping style. Each of these eight cat beds offers a blend of affordability, coziness, and functionality, making them excellent choices for cat owners seeking value without sacrificing their pet's happiness.

From plush donut cuddlers to self-warming mats, a perfect bed provides your feline friend with the sweetest dreams and the utmost comfort. Treat your beloved cat to a cozy retreat with one of these top picks, and watch them nap away in purr-fect contentment.

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