5 Reasons Your Cat Needs A Wool Cat Cave

Have you ever thought about wool and all the benefits that this royal material can offer your body? I adore it for many reasons, and my cats share my opinion. I can give you at least 5 reasons your cat needs a wool cat cave, and each of them is enough to decide on something of this quality, comfortable, and healthy.

The best of all is that this material contains lanolin, which allows the wool to self-clean. As a result, your cat will enjoy this comfy, soft, and cozy cave, while you won’t need to spend too much time maintaining it. Let’s see.

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What Is a Cat Cave?

The cat cave is a bed made of 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly wool many cat owners choose for their kitties to provide them a comfortable and peaceful sleep. It contains neither unhealthy synthetic materials nor harsh chemicals.

You can hand-wash this cave when necessary, but it will often be enough to let wool self-clean in the fresh air during cold and rainy days.

My cats adore their stylish beds’ pod shape that won’t stretch and change their form over time. The only limitation for use is the cat’s size, so the cave is suitable only for your furry friend weighing up to 20 pounds (9 kg).

Benefits of Wool Cat Cave Beds

Enclosed space

If you look for a more comfortable place than a cardboard packing box for your kitty to sleep, you should try this option. Kitties love exploring boxes and baskets’ inside, so a woolen cave will be a real challenge for your furry beauty.

Since wool fibers are moldable, this cave will comfortably mould to the cat’s body under its weight. It will consider the cave a secure space that makes it relaxed.

Sometimes, you will see your kitty hopping on the cave top instead of sleeping inside it. Don’t worry. It will be enough to pull the hand inside the product to pop it back to the original shape.

Stress reliever and health protector

Animal behaviorists can’t agree why wool attracts cats so much. The probable reason is natural, anti-microbial, and antifungal oil lanolin from sheep wool fibers, also known as wool wax or wool grease.

It seems that kitties adore lanolin scent and taste since this animal byproduct reminds them of their mothers’ smell. Such an environment will make your furry friend relaxed and stressless.

Another benefit of a wool cat cave is that its material makes the product more comfortable for cats to regain energy and take rest. It regulates the kitty’s body temperature and keeps it warm, making this demanding creature happy and healthy.

Established sleeping location

Cats are weird. Deal with it. They will always choose to sleep inside a cold, uncomfortable cardboard box than on a pillow. Even though I have numerous baskets all over the house and don’t forbid sleeping on the couch and armchairs, my beloved lunatics often refuse to use them.

They prefer sleeping over the keyboard, in a pot, shoebox, and similar entirely inappropriate places. However, the cat cave will make a difference since wool attracts kitties in a completely inexplicable way.

Take advantage of these practical pieces and redirect your cat’s attention to a convenient and reliable sleeping location. That way, it is less likely for your kitty to end up in a basket full of clean laundry, for example.

Absorbent wool fibers

Thanks to the tiny cuticle cells that wool fiber contains, this material is an excellent absorbent that removes moisture. Even though the wool cat cave gets wet, it will retain water, and its surface will stay dry, making this bed safe for your kitty’s health.

These cuticles will also keep woolen material warm by producing heat when the outside temperature falls. That is vital during the cold winter nights, particularly for senior cats and these sensitive to the cold or suffering from arthritis.

On the other hand, they will make the cave a cool place by allowing cool air to flow and releasing moisture when the temperature starts rising. Since wool functions as a thermostat, this product is an excellent choice regardless of weather conditions.

Natural hair trap

This soft and cozy cave is an excellent place for cuddling since wool catches a cat’s fur. That makes it a particularly fantastic solution for long-haired, excessive shedders.

You will see the kitty’s hair on the wool surface instead of entangling in its fibers. Therefore, you can quickly vacuum them or wipe them down with a damp cloth.

There is no need to wash the wool cat cave too often. When it becomes necessary to remove the unpleasant odor or accumulated dirt, you will need to hand-wash this product.


There are many reasons to buy a cat cave for your cat. It is a comfy bed, safe space, and healthy shelter in one product. Your beautiful furry friend will adore a smell of lanolin and soft 100% merino wool, but be prepared to pay more than for some other typical cat beds available on the market.

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