Trendy Trees and Modern Cat Beds

Cute cat sitting on tree in modern room

Key Points

  • Cats like to be warm, which is why they choose to snuggle or sleep in the sunshine.

  • Cat towers wrapped with sisal rope or twine give cats an option to scratch something other than your furniture.

  • The PetFusion Hangin' Condo is a space-saving option that hangs on the back of a door.

When you have a long day, you want to retreat to a comfy bed. These trendy trees and modern cat beds present your feline friend with more than that.

These beds and towers all have multiple functions. Whether it's a combination of sleep with exercise, entertainment, or scratching, they're more than simple beds. They also perform a duty for cat owners as well. They look good in your home.

Every cat has their own preferences and needs, so there's not one option recommended over another. Look over their specifications and pick the one that's perfect for you and your cat.

Facts About Cat Sleeping Behaviors

You know that cats like to nap, but do you know where and why? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a cat bed.

  • Providing cats with their dedicated sleeping spaces helps reduce behavioral issues and promotes a sense of security and independence.

  • Cat beds, particularly those with scratching posts, help redirect cats' scratching behavior, which helps them shed their claws and keeps them happy.

  • Cats naturally seek out elevated areas for observation and safety, making cat trees and condos a preferable option for them.

  • Investing in a well-designed, modern cat bed not only benefits your cat but also enhances the look of your living space.

  • Choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable cat beds supports the well-being of both your cat and the planet.

Some cats like to sleep with their owners, especially if they have tendencies toward separation anxiety.

The staff at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital and Pet Services in Michigan writes about where cats prefer to sleep and why. They say, "Cats love to be warm, and that’s why you’ll see them sacked out in the sunshine. They crave warm and cozy spots, so if your bed is something they find comfortable, they’ll likely choose you to snuggle with."

You may not want your cat in bed with you, so choose one of these other beds and towers to offer your cat.

Cat Trees and Condos

Do you dream of living in a high-rise condo? Your cat does too. They also like to feel protected in an enclosed space. These two options offer both preferences.

Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

by PetFusion 

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03/06/2024 07:21 pm GMT

PetFusion Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

The PetFusion Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree is a versatile piece of cat furniture that serves multiple functions. This stylish and contemporary cat tree includes scratching posts, perches, and cushioned pads for napping.

The tower has wall mounts to make sure your cats are safe under the sisal-wrapped pole is a sturdy MDF frame. The thick and soft cushions furnish comfort and support during nap times and easily peel away when it's time to clean them. The sisal rope scratching posts cater to cats' natural urge to scratch and climb.

Designed with both cats and their owners in mind, the PetFusion Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree seamlessly blends with modern home decor. The compact and space-saving design ensures it fits into any room, offering cats an engaging and enjoyable environment.

Pro Tip: Mount the tower near a window to give your cat another source of entertainment as they climb and perch.

Hidden Gem: The PetFusion Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree redirects your cat's scratching behavior from furniture to the designated scratching posts.

Hangin' Feline Funhouse Cat Furniture

by K&H Pet Products 

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03/07/2024 07:16 pm GMT

K&H Pet Products Hangin' Cat Condo

The K&H Pet Products Hangin' Cat Condo is an innovative and space-saving cat bed that's a cozy retreat for your pet. This unique cat condo hangs on a door, saving valuable floor space while offering cats a comfortable and secure environment.

I have this one at home. As you see here, it supports my cat, Zoe, who is almost 12 pounds. Both my cats explored this Hangin' Condo when I first hung it on a closet door, but it never was as desirable as their cat tree.

K&H Pet Products Hangin' Cat Condo with a calico cat

Brandon Ellrich for Cattitude Daily

This one is the "small" with only three levels, but there are other versions. Some are more enclosed and have more levels. Because of the metal hangers on top, the door may not close completely.

The hanging design of the K&H Pet Products Hangin' Cat Condo offers cats an elevated sleeping area, mimicking their natural preference for perching. The enclosed design instills a sense of security and privacy, making it work well for cats who prefer a quiet and secluded place to rest.

K&H Pet Products Hangin' Cat Condo Brandon Ellrich for Cattitude Daily

Heavy denier waterproof fabric makes up this cat condo, making it easy to clean. It's also durable and long-lasting. The vinyl straps and mesh windows are tough and stand up to rough play from multiple cats. Several peepholes and entrance/exit points allow your cat to play, explore, and chase one another up and down.

Pro Tip: Make sure to close the door and tighten the straps when using the Hangin' Condo, as it moves and sways when cats climb and play in it.

Hidden Gem: The Hangin' Condo is a great space-saver if you don't have room for a tree, and it folds up nicely for storage.

Cozy and Functional Cat Beds

These beds and towers are simple in their designs but made to give your cat all the comfort they need. They suit cats of all preferences.

Vesper Cat Tree

by Catit 

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03/07/2024 07:21 pm GMT

Catit Minou Cat Bench

The Catit Minou Cat Bench is a stylish and modern cat activity center that offers cats options for play and relaxation. This cat cave features sturdy construction with high-quality materials such as durable wood and comfortable, removable memory foam cushions.

The Catit Minou Cat Bench offers a stimulating environment for your feline friend. It includes a cozy cave for napping and a scratching bench wrapped in natural sisal for satisfying the needs of their claws. The scratching pad is removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, the Catit Minou Cat Bench seamlessly integrates into modern home decor. Its contemporary design and neutral color palette make it an attractive addition to any room. Clean the cushions and fabric elements easily or replace them to maintain hygiene.

Pro Tip: Put the Minou Cat Bench against a wall to block off one of the entry points if your cat prefers more privacy.

Hidden Gem: Cats that aren't able to stretch and climb as well appreciate this easily-accessible scratching option.

Washable Cat Bed with Removable Fluffy Fleece Liner

by Hepper 

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Hepper Nest Cat Bed

The Hepper Nest Cat Bed is a uniquely designed cat bed that offers both comfort and functionality. Its pod-like shape is a cozy and secure space for cats to curl up and relax. Made from high-quality materials, this cat bed is extremely durable.

The Hepper Nest Cat Bed features a removable and machine-washable Sherpa fleece liner and microfiber trim that exudes warmth and comfort. The raised sides support their head and neck, making it ideal for cats who love to snuggle or those with anxiety.

With its modern and eye-catching design, the Hepper Nest Cat Bed adds a touch of style to any home. Its elevated position not only reinforces a sense of security but also helps protect cats from cold drafts. It is suitable for cats of all sizes and breeds.

Pro Tip: Use the Hepper Nest Cat Bed for senior cats or those that don't climb as well.

Hidden Gem: Personalize the Hepper Nest Cat Bed with additional cushions and accessories to suit your cat's preferences.

Tall Cat Trees and Towers

by pidan 

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Pidan S-Island Cat Bed and Tree

The Pidan S-Island Cat Bed and Tree is a fun and cozy cat bed that resembles a traditional igloo on an island with a palm tree cat scratcher. This unique design is a warm and secure space to relax and sleep as well as an outlet for sharpening their claws.

Constructed from non-toxic materials, the Pidan S-Island Cat Bed and Tree features a cushioned interior and a semi-enclosed entrance. The plush teddy velvet lines the tree leaves, island, and a cotton-filled rim for a cozy napping corner.

The Igloo Cat Bed is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. Black cloth with anti-skidding granules lines the bottom so the bed stays in place. Natural jute twine covers the tree and hanging coconuts for opportunities to scratch and play.

Pro Tip: Place a soft blanket or heating pad inside the igloo during colder months for extra warmth and comfort your cat appreciates.

Hidden Gem: The Pidan S-Island Cat Bed's fun design makes it an excellent choice for times when a cat wants privacy and other times when they want to play.

Stylish and Contemporary Cat Beds

To give your cat comfort while adding a sense of elegance to your home, these cat beds offer both. Whether your cat wants seclusion or a clear view of the world, choose one of these beds that fits their preference, or choose both!

Kitty Ball Cat Bed Cave for Indoor Cats


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The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed is a stylish and contemporary cat bed that's not only comfortable but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space. This elegant cat bed offers cats a luxurious spot to relax and unwind.

The Kitty Ball Cat Bed features a dome-shaped design made from claw-proof, hand-woven faux rattan. The bed's enclosed sides create a cozy enclosed environment, providing cats with a sense of security. The weighted base prevents the bed from tipping.

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed comes in two color options to suit different decor styles. Its sleek and sophisticated appearance adds a touch of glamour to any room, making it a perfect choice for cat owners who value both functionality and style.

Pro Tip: Place the Kitty Ball Cat Bed in a quiet corner of the room to create a peaceful and serene resting space for your cat.

Hidden Gem: Assemble the Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed for a front or top entry, depending on your cat's preference.

Cloud Nine Window Hammock

by  tuft + paw

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Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock

Some cats like to entertain themselves by lounging in a hammock as they look out the window. The Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock is a minimalist and modern cat bed that combines comfort, style, and entertainment. With its sleek design and premium materials, this cat bed offers cats a cozy and fashionable retreat.

The Cloud Nine Window Hammock offers a dark heather grey felt that's both soft and strong. The smooth steel arch has a matte black powder-coated finish to support your cat. The three suction cups hold it to the window so your cat is safe.

Designed to seamlessly blend with contemporary home decor, the Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock is available with or without a "Floof Blanket." Its clean lines and elegant silhouette make it a statement piece in any room, as well as a warm and inviting space for your cat to lounge, sleep, and entertain themselves by watching outdoor activities.

This TikTok video, posted July 17, 2023, shows an owner giving a convincing demonstration of the Cloud Nine Window Hammock.

Pro Tip: Be careful what you place underneath the bed, just in case the suction cups lose their grip.

Hidden Gem: The Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock is easy to assemble and strong enough for cats up to 30 pounds.

Time for a Nap

A cat needs a space to call their own but it doesn't have to clash with your home furnishings. These trendy trees and modern cat beds give your cat what they need while giving you what you want — a nice-looking piece of furniture.

Trendy and modern cat beds offer a combination of style, comfort, and functionality for your feline companions. Whether you choose a cat tree, cat condo, cozy cat bed, or a contemporary cat bed, these options elevate your home's decor while acting as a comfortable and stimulating environment for your cats.

Some of these beds are fun and quirky, while others are sleek and minimalist. Choose the one that fits your style as well as your cat's preferences, and you end up with a contented cat and a pacified pet parent.

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