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Cat Photobombs That Are Too Purrfect

by Cattitude Daily

It’s hard to snap photos whenever there are cats around. Our feline friends know how to turn on the charm for the camera, and they also rule our selfies, too, whenever we attempt to take one with them. If there’s one thing cats have mastered the art of, it’s the feline photobomb. Whether it’s capturing a happy moment or a romantic memory, our cats will waltz right in and steal the show. If you’ve ever been photobombed by a cat, then you know exactly what I mean. Want to see some of the very best cat photobombs all in one place? Well, then just keep scrolling!

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Seems like a nice memory. Let’s change that…

cat photobombs

Family photo time? Nah…

Congrats! Just kidding…

Oh, how cute, the human thinks it’s better at yoga than me…

Not sure exactly what is happening here. I guess a photo really is worth a thousand words.

And don’t think cats won’t photobomb other cats too…because they will.

This is definitely a case of a cat in captivity plotting their escape…

Again with the yoga…

Such a lovely afternoon…

While the humans were pleased with the latest addition, the resident cat showed his discontent.

If you’ve never seen this cat photobomb, it’s a classic. 

Cattitude, meet photobomb.

I feel like this cat has done this before.

Such a cute little puppy…oh dear god.

This might be a case of cat jealousy right here…

“The first iris of the season from the lovely garden I inherited. Also, Ruby the cat photobombed.”

Yep. That explains it.

Waiting. Watching…plotting.

cat photobombs

Those across the pond might be familiar with Larry the Downing Street cat who is a pro at the cat photobomb.

Something tells me this smiley baby wasn’t born with a fluffy tail.

Such pretty plants. I mean cat.

They’ll never forget this pic now.

Showing off your new tie dye shirt. And rapidly appearing cat.

Seems like a special moment. Let’s hijack it.

Did you enjoy these cat photobombs? I hope so. Got a hilarious one of your own to share? I’d love to see it. Cats are perfect at photobombs, and they’re also experts at taking over your selfies, too. Check out this funny collection of selfies gone hilariously wrong featuring our feline friends on cattitudedaily.com.

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