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Boulder House Cat Keeps Close Watch Over Mountain Lion On His Turf

by Cattitude Daily

We know that cats—both the big kind and the little kind—are territorial beings. Cats can be quick to react should someone, or something, encroach on their territory. And although felines are not confrontational by nature, they will be quick to make a move and stake their turf. For one house cat in Boulder, Colorado, he recently got a not-so-rare for Colorado sighting of a mountain lion right on his front lawn.

Watch this cute clip of the curious house cat courtesy of CBS 4 Denver News…

For residents of Colorado who share their state with many wild creatures which still roam freely, we’re glad that there is mutual respect and understanding for these lovely creatures.

“This cat is unfazed by the presence of the mountain lion, but the lion sure was interested in the cat,” the Colorado Parks and Wildlife said on Twitter. “Luckily, this pet owner keeps its cat safely indoors.”

This isn’t the first mountain lion sighting to occur this week, as we previously reported on a “mountain lion” sighting in the D.C. area. But, as it turns out, it wasn’t a mountain lion at all, just a big and curious house cat named Cookie! Check out the story here.

We are grateful to this house cat’s owners for keeping their cats indoors and allowing these beautiful big cats of the wild to roam and explore without intervening. Animals and humans often coexist in Colorado, and if you’ve never visited this beautiful state, you definitely should!

A special thank you to the dedicated members of Colorado Parks and Wildlife for sharing these images with the world and serving to protect wildlife from harm. Keep Colorado beautiful—and wild!

All Images Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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