Rescue Cat Named Biscuit Loves To Dress Up And Help Cook

If there is one thing that most cats are a fan of, it’s hanging out in our kitchens. But this isn’t because they want to channel their inner Remi from Ratatouille, it’s because they know there’s food in there and want to get themselves a bite of it. But there are some cats who naturally love to be in the kitchen—which can be a fun way to pass the time for their cat moms and dads who have a love for cooking.

For one cute tuxedo cat appropriately named Biscuit, he appears to know his way around the kitchen. So much so, that he dons cute outfits and even helps his human to whip up tasty recipes. I caught wind of this adorable feline with a knack for cooking and did some research to track down their owner so that I could feature this cute cat on the site.

So, everyone, meet Biscuit!

Baking with Biscuit Baking with Biscuit

How did Biscuit come into your life?

After our girl Buz passed away from cancer I was missing her so much so Phil took me around to shelters just to pet kitties, we didn’t expect to adopt a new kitty so soon but we were walking by and a sweet little tuxie was reaching his hands out of his cage at us so I said oh gosh I need to hold this baby…he ended up sitting on my lap looking up at me and looking back at Phil for over an hour….I looked at Phil and said we’re not leaving without this boy! And that was that!! He was ours and we adopted him right then and there!!

Baking with Biscuit

How does Biscuit respond when he knows it’s time to get in the kitchen?

He’s always ready, as soon as I start getting ingredients out, he jumps on the kitchen table and just watches.

Biscuit seems to really like to wear clothes! Where do you find his cute outfits?

Most of his clothes, I buy from the second-hand baby shops… occasionally I’ll buy him a special outfit from Baby Gap.

Baking with Biscuit Baking with Biscuit

Please share with me some details about the book, Biscuit Goes South

I’m from a little town called La Grange in Texas (yes the ZZ Top song, best little whore house in Texas, yep that’s where I’m from) so all these recipes are food that I grew up eating…my uncle had a BBQ joint and my aunt had a cafe so food and home-cooked goodness was a big part of life growing up.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Biscuit? 

Biscuit is the most adoring, loving cat…I swear sometimes I think he’s a human in a catsuit….he cares so much for his daddy who is in renal failure and on dialysis…he looks after him nonstop and is always there to comfort him on bad days…he definitely brings happiness and joy to our family!!!!

Baking with Biscuit

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Biscuit’s owner, Stephanie, for allowing me to share her cat’s story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on Biscuit, check him out Baking with Biscuit on Facebook, and you can find their books for sale on Amazon here. 

Baking With Biscuit

All Images Courtesy of Baking with Biscuit on Facebook

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