Why Is My Cat Throwing Up?

Living with a cat means your life is better and more enriched. They are amazing companions and, for cat people, some of the best company there is. On the other hand, living with a cat can mean some challenges. One cat-related challenge is particular is when our cats throw up. Finding cat vomit on your floor or your furniture is gross, of course. But it also can be a little concerning sometimes. As cat guardians, we want to ensure the best for our feline friends. Sometimes that means asking yourself why your cat might be throwing up.

why is my cat throwing up

Throwing Up Hairballs

Cats are furry animals. They are also clean and tidy animals. Naturally, this combination tends to lead to a lot of grooming and bathing. It’s kind of a benefit of having a cat, honestly. They are pretty much self-cleaning! But all that bathing multiple times per day leads to lots of fur consumption. Your cat’s only method of grooming himself is to lick his fur. That is going to lead to at least the occasional hairball or two.

Cats throwing up hairballs is pretty common. It’s also going to happen a little more often with long-haired cats. You can brush them daily to help cut down on your cat throwing up a hairball.

cat throwing up

Does My Cat Have Tummy Troubles?

Beyond common hairballs, your cat may have an upset stomach. If you discover some cat vomit that doesn’t contain hairballs, you might want to keep a close eye on your cat. Sometimes, cats might throw up because of their food. This is more likely if you’ve recently switched out kitty’s kibble for another brand or flavor. One thing you can do to help prevent digestive upset is switch out the food gradually. Abruptly changing your cat’s food could cause her to throw up, which no one appreciates.

why is my cat throwing up?

Check for Plants or Toxins

If your cat isn’t throwing up because of hairballs or a new food, you may want to check for toxins. Some cats may find a morsel that you unknowingly tracked in from outside. Depending on what that morsel is, it could cause your cat to throw up.

Are you a plant lover? If so, you always need to be sure plants are not toxic to your cat before bringing one home. There are so many plants and green, growing things that are not good for felines. Unfortunately, some cats seem to have a compulsion to gnaw on anything green. If your kitty chews on a toxic plant, that could make her throw up. It could lead to more severe symptoms as well that require immediate medical attention.

Many Reasons that Cats Throw Up

Many, many reasons might cause your cat to throw up. Don’t panic if your cat does vomit. Keep an eye on her for any signs of serious problems such as lack of appetite, no energy or strange behavior. Hairballs generally don’t require a trip to the vet. Other reasons do–such as toxic plants or foreign substances that your cat may have ingested.

When it comes to your cat’s hairballs, it’s important to know the difference between what is normal and what is not. Read here on Cattitude Daily to learn more on this topic to keep your kitty safe.


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