Why Do Cats Love Sitting On Laptops And Keyboards?

When a cat wants your attention, they are not shy about getting it. Our cats can be a bit demanding at times, and many cats are well aware of the fact that they can simply drive you crazy until they get exactly what it is that they want—your attention! When we are attempting to do something on our own time, our cat might have a hissy fit about it. Many cat owners know the struggle is real when it comes to typing on our computers.

Cats are simply drawn into those laptops and keyboards like laser beams. What is this strange thing the human touches? I want to touch it. Wait, laying on this would be so much better…the list continues. If you’re just a frustrated or confused cat owner wondering why the heck do cats love sitting on laptops and keyboards, you’re certainly not alone. Cats will be cats, and many of them across the globe fancy a good sit right on their humans’ keyboards.

Here are four reasons why cats love sitting on laptops and keyboards…

Um, hello, pay attention to me…

Cats are not shy about two things. The first of which is a big duh, food! The second? Your attention! Cats are not these lonely and solitary beings that many (okay, those who aren’t cat people) portray them to be. Your average feline might not crave praise the way a canine would, but they certainly crave love and—you guessed it—attention. When you are on your computer, this is a time when you are sedentary. To your cat, this is a prime opportunity to waltz right in and grasp your undivided attention. Even if it means messing up your work or preventing you from getting anything done. Your cat likes having your attention, and as always, it’s typically on their terms. I only have one cat that’s demanding of it when I’m on the computer, and it can be a bit bothersome when I’m trying to write. Let’s just go ahead and blame him for the typos…

why do cats love sitting on laptops and keyboards?
My Maine Coon is plotting to plop himself across the keyboard. Don’t let that sweet face fool you!
My tuxedo cat, on the other hand, is my seat stealer. The second I get up he steals it.

If you need to get work done and your cat simply doesn’t understand the concept, try positioning them in your lap if you can. Your cat is always going to micromanage you because this is simply the way that they operate and you are the highest on their totem pole. Try engaging with your cat before you get on the computer, and exercise their mind and body before you know you need to get some important work done. Above all, remember that cats are opportunist, and if you give in, they’re going to remember that and keep it on the forefront of their little minds.

Ahh, that feels warm

Cats love to be warm. And this is especially true when they are sleeping. If you often find your cat sitting or sleeping on your laptop when it’s powered on, this is because they enjoy the heat that it’s putting off. While it makes for a pricey and delicate heating pad, your cat doesn’t know the difference. They are seeking it out for the warmth alone.

I know this smell

When you’re away from home, your cat misses you. So, to cope with the fact that you’re not there, they find ways to keep themselves calm in your absence. Sometimes your cat will sit in your favorite chair, or they’ll curl up on your favorite sweater that could be on the chair in your room. But another place they’ll often retreat to is your keyboard. So, why do they do this? Well, because it smells like you and reminds them of you! So, essentially, your cat is doing this because they want to be reminded of you when you’re gone, and your keyboard is heavily scented in your natural perfume.

They simply want to be near you

Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and author of Naughty No More! Changing Unwanted Behaviors through Positive Reinforcement tells Readers Digest that, “Many cats sit on spots such as keyboards and laptops because they are near their favorite person and can be at the center of their attention. Usually, people reinforce the behavior by petting the cat and/or talking with him. Cats quickly learn that when they sit on the keyboard they get what they want—attention.”

If you work from home or spend a lot of time on the computer each day, try making a special area just for your cat that’s theirs which will allow them to be near you while you work on your computer. This way they’re happy and feel appreciated and they won’t be forced to sprawl themselves across your keyboard while you unsuccessfully manage to type.

Did this answer your question about why cats love sitting on laptops and keyboards? I hope so. Feline behavior can be difficult to understand at times. But the better you understand the way that the feline mind works, the easier it is to interpret what’s going on behind those whiskers.

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