Why Is My Cat Crazy About The Dishwasher?

why is my cat crazy about the dishwasher?

When we share our lives with a cat, we quickly learn all about them. No two cats will ever be truly the same, but there are many common fascinations in the cat world concerning everyday human things. Chances are, you’ve had a cat in your life that is fascinated with the dishwasher. Cats often find themselves in the kitchen because they know there’s food there. But they also make their way to the kitchen when they micromanage our whereabouts. During their time there, they are often quick to introduce themselves to our dishwasher. Some cats don’t seem too interested in this common appliance, but many cats can’t seem to get enough of the dishwasher. Read here to find out the reasons why your dishwasher is a total cat magnet.

Your cat is attracted to the water in the dishwasher

Cats like the sound of water, and when it comes to drinking water, they want the freshest water they can find. When the dishwasher is running, you might find your cat curiously scoping out the sounds emitting from this cleaning contraption. Your cat doesn’t understand exactly what is going on in there, however, they are smart enough to know the sound of water when they hear it. And, as we know, many cats are naturally fascinated with the sounds of running water. I have a cat that runs at a full sprint the second he hears the water from the showerhead draining several minutes after the shower has stopped. Cats are not only intrigued by the sound of water but also by the sight of it, too. And, if your dishwasher happens to make some little squeaking noises while it’s running, your cat might just think there’s a mouse trapped inside or behind there, further provoking their curiosity. Some cats have been known to even chatter or trill at the sounds the dishwasher makes. Remember, the world is full of wonder and curiosity for your feline friend. Sights and sounds that don’t seem that interesting to you might just be captivating to them.

Your cat is attracted to the heat that comes off of the dishwasher

Cats are ancestors of wild desert cats, and although they’re domesticated, it’s in their DNA to seek out warmth in your home. For most dishwasher cleaning cycles, when it comes to sanitizing the dishes, the machine will often emit steam from the top. Your cat not only likes the heat this puts off but they can also be drawn to the site of the steam going into the air. Some cat experts have even suggested that cats are drawn to the scent of bleach, which we know is a common additive for many dishwasher pods/detergents. Some cats will even go as far as to climb into the dishwasher and hide from you—which you might realize when you push the bottom back in and hear a bunch of ruckus.

Your cat likes to watch you from their little mini-perch

For many cats, the minute you open the door of the dishwasher, if your cat is in the kitchen with you, they’re jumping right on. They may not sniff the dishes or get in your way when you’re loading or unloading the dishwasher, but sitting on their little seat roughly six inches off the ground is a preferred hobby of theirs. Again, not all cats do this, or, you might prefer that your cat doesn’t exhibit this behavior near your clean dishes. Either way, cats like to sit on the dishwasher door because they enjoy being near you when you do your chores, and, as we all know cats are tiny micromanagers of your every move. Chances are, your cat also knows that you wash their food bowls in there, too. So, they just might be curious when the next time is going to be that you’re going to gift them with the yummy wet food they so love!

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