Why Is My Cat Always Eating?

I think it goes without saying that many cats will act like they’re always starving. And it’s a well-known fact that many cats suffer from an incurable feline condition known as bottom-of-the-food-bowl-itis. Cats are all about freshness when it comes to their food and the water they drink, but have you ever felt as if your cat is always eating? Cats love to eat, even if they’re picky about what it is they are eating. (But it seems that the only thing they are never picky about eating is when you’re eating something that’s triggered their curiosity.) If you’ve ever wondered why cats are always eating—or why they seem to eat more when you’re away—just keep reading!

why are cats always eating?

First, a few things to give you some feline insight…

Something important to keep in mind is that cats aren’t food-motivated in the way that dogs are. Your cat isn’t going to work for food the way that your dog will. But that’s not to say that a cat can’t learn tricks with food-based rewards, because they certainly can. That’s just saying that more times than not, a cat isn’t going to turn tricks for that treat in your hand. For your cat, food is essential for survival, and that obligate carnivore of yours needs to eat a lot to keep their body running smoothly.

Your cat’s diet is primarily protein-based with very limited carbohydrates. And all that protein? Well, that’s the reason for all those cat naps, because their bodies are always working overtime just to process all of that meat they’re eating every day. So, keep that in mind if you ever feel like your cat is “always” eating. Another thing? Think of their activity levels and their age. My cat Tom is lean and mean, four years old, and incredibly active. And he is by far at the food bowl much more often than my other two kitties. Which is saying a lot for a 6-pound cat who shares a home with two other 15-pound cats.

Boredom and anxiousness can do things to a person—and your cat

Do you ever eat just because you’re bored? It’s okay, I’m not here to judge you, because I’ve done it too. And guess when else I also find myself rummaging through the pantry? When I’m feeling anxious! Your cat might be choosing to gobble up their food when you’re away because A: it gives them something to do to occupy your time; B: it helps to relieve them of the anxiousness they’re feeling in your absence.

Obviously many of us are working from home right now and spending more time at home due to the current state of the world. Our cats are happy about this, despite all the funny memes that we see about them wanting to plot our demise. Cats and humans can share similar traits, and eating out of boredom and/or anxiousness is certainly one of them. What you can do when you’re away from home is to offer enrichment toys, like cat treat stuffed mice, which they’ll find and have to work for. Your cat is incredibly intelligent, and exercising their mind is high on their list of things they love to do. Even though they might trick you into thinking otherwise sometimes!

why is my cat always eating

Do you feel as if your cat just won’t stop eating? This is a red flag you must know about

While cats can certainly eat more when they’re bored or anxious, a cat that is overeating could certainly signal something amiss with their health. Polyphagia is a condition which causes a cat to overeat to the point at which they appear ravenous. And a cat that is developing diabetes or hyperthyroidism can certainly experience polyphagia. This condition can also affect dogs as well. Another thing to watch for in relation to this is excess thirst. Changes in behavior in your cat often coincide with health concerns. And you know your cat better than anyone else. Be their advocate and get them in to see their vet if they’re suddenly acting strange by clearing that food bowl quickly and often.

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