Why Don’t Cats Like When You Blow On Them?

why don't cats like when you blow on them?

Our feline friends are finicky little beings. But, to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way. One of the many charms of cats is all the interesting behaviors they exhibit and the ways in which the littlest of things can set them right off or captivate their undivided attention. Your cat’s senses are heightened when compared to yours—excluding their sense of close-up vision which is quite poor. So, of the many things humans do that cats do not like, blowing on them falls high on that list of cat no-nos. But why is it that cats don’t like when you blow on them? Just keep reading to find out.

why don't cats like when you blow on them?

Cats don’t like when you blow on them because they might find it annoying.

Our cats have the ability to express and experience a wide range of emotions, and being annoyed falls on that list. Cats might be quicker to be annoyed than, say, a dog, and when you blow on a cat, they might find this unamusing. Cats do have a sense of humor, but just as with cats, everything must be on their terms. If your cat is asleep or dozing or in a very relaxed state, and you decide to blow on them, they will likely cast a dirty look your way or become suddenly startled. Your cat will not know why it is that you are blowing them, and this strange and sudden tiny gust of flavored wind might send them flying. Additionally, cats might not like when you blow on them because they could interpret that this is your way of hissing at them—and we all know what cat hissing is about!

why don't cats like when you blow on them?

Cats don’t like when you blow on them because they may not like the smell of it

We know that cats have fishy breath, and chances are, yours is nowhere near as fishy as theirs—unless you’ve just eaten some fresh salmon. With that being said, many cats do not like when you blow on them because they think your breath smells weird. Although cats don’t have a sniffer quite like a dog, their sense of smell is still pretty heightened. This means that even the faintest odor of something unappealing to them—like onions, citrus, or garlic—can send them in the other direction. And a smell which they do not like coming from your breath might even trigger their flehmen response. Fun little fact for you: horses can have a flehmen response, too!

why don't cats like when you blow on them?

Cats don’t like when you blow on them because they find it unpredictable and strange.

Just as your cat doesn’t like change, they do not like random things that startle them, either. If you blow on your cat, this might cause them to react with a fight or flight response because it triggers them. Obviously, you should never intentionally scare your cat, so it’s best not to blow on your cat for giggles. Your cat likely does not find this action amusing, so if you want to stay on their good side, keep that blowing to yourself. The same can often be said for whistling, as your cat perceives this sound quite differently than you do. And even whispering can freak your cat out a bit should they be more sensitive to their surroundings. Most cats aren’t big fans of air being blown, which is why the hair dryer or a standing fan in your home might scare them. After all, cats are attracted to heat not the cold—so air blowing just isn’t up their alley.

But, the bottom line is, each cat is an individual, and while some cats might freak out when you blow on them, other cats might not care at all. After all, cats will be cats, and they’re always quick to keep us on our toes or entertain us with their silly cat antics.

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