Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower?

Our cats are our dedicated little micromanagers, and there are many times when we would like privacy and they just don’t seem to care. They will be in our rooms when we are changing and even escort us to the bathroom, and oftentimes, our cats will be inquisitive about our whereabouts when we are in the shower. There are a few reasons why our cats like to watch us lather up, and some of those reasons might even surprise you. Keep reading to discover the answer to ‘why does my cat watch me shower?”—a common cat owner query.

why does my cat watch. me shower?

Remember, some cat breeds in particular are naturally drawn to water

All cats are truly individuals by nature, but there are certain breeds of cats that have an affinity for water. Some examples of these cat breeds are the Japanese Bobtail, the Maine Coone cat, and the Bengal. For felines that instinctively have a thing for water, they will likely watch you shower because they are eager to get at that remaining water in there once you hop out. These are the types of cats that will often sit on the ledge of the shower, or position themselves between the shower curtain liner and the decorative outside curtain. Or, if you have a glass shower, they are just posted up right there staring inquisitively at that fresh water running down your body. And, once you hop out, they are likely to hop right in and explore the water as it doesn’t make them feel threatened. Just don’t go turning that shower head back on!

why does my cat watch. me shower?

Some cats will watch you shower because it’s alarming to them

While it’s certainly true that there are many cats out there that love water, the truth is, most cats hate it. And that’s because their sense of touch is roughly 3x what ours is, so imagine a wet coat all over your body driving you crazy. These cats who hate water see it as a threat, and since science tells us that cats see us as large, clumsy cats, they just might be wondering if we were tricked into this watery situation. This is why you might find your cat meowing loudly when you’re in the shower or bath. If watching you shower is causing your cat stress, try feeding them or offering them treats when you shower and close the door to your restroom, or simply keep them in the area where they’re enjoying food/treats. We know that cats aren’t fans of closed doors, but if they are stressed out by seeing you shower this might be the best solution.

why does my cat watch. me shower?

A demanding cat knows that watching you shower is a good way to get your undivided attention

If there’s one thing that cats are not shy about, it’s when hunger strikes them. A cat that is hungry will go to great lengths to express their hunger to you—even if it means freaking you out a bit by watching you lather up. Obviously, there are cats out there who are naturally clingy, and some of the clingiest cats of all can also be some of the most demanding. And, trust me, they’ve conditioned you well to give in to their demands. Your cat is the master of captivating attention, and if the two of you share a very tight bond, they just might watch you shower because they simply like to be near you at all times. Even when those times involve you being naked with soap all over you. Hey, after all, it’s a cat’s world and we’re just living in it.

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