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Why Does My Cat Stare At Me When I’m Sleeping?

by Cattitude Daily

Cats display lots of interesting behaviors that pique our interest. We love to watch them scurry frantically across the house, see them channel their inner tiger as they slay the red dot in our living rooms, and so much more. But, while there are many cute cat antics our feline friends’ exhibit, there are also some others that leave us scratching our heads in confusion, too. One of these such behaviors is when cats stare at us—particularly when we are fast asleep. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, why does my cat stare at me when I’m sleeping, you’re not the first person to ponder that. Keep reading to discover why cats display this sometimes creepy behavior. (We assure you, it’s not creepy at all once you know their reasoning behind it!)

why does my cat stare at the wall?

First, the obvious, FEED ME HUMAN

If your cat stares at you while you’re sleeping, you must first ask yourself what time of the day this is occurring. If it happens to be right around the time that you wake up each morning, well, your cat knows this. Your cat has a powerful internal clock that they abide by, and they’ve timestamped in their brains what time they are going to eat each morning. And, because of this, they’re not about to let you slip up and forget it’s time for breakfast. Our cats are the masters of getting what they want, so if your cat is staring at you intently when you wake up each morning, it’s because they’re ready to eat! So, this reason is the most obvious of all the reasons, but, as I mentioned above, consider the time of day when this is occurring.

cat staring pouncing

Cats might watch you sleep because they’re anticipating your movement under the covers

If there’s one thing that cats love, it’s to catch you off guard. Another reason why your cat will stare at you when you’re sleeping is that they are anxiously awaiting you to move under the covers so that they can pounce on you. Many cat owners have been woken up from a dead sleep by their cat, and this just comes with the territory of cohabitating with a feline. Cats love those little movements and are natural hunters, so when they see those tempting toes, they just might want to bounce on them and take a bite for fun. Although, being awoken from a dead sleep to razor-sharp teeth in your foot is no one’s idea of fun.

people love cats more than humans

Although it might seem odd, this is a form of affection in your cat’s mind

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Whether you’re a human mom or a pet mom, chances are, you’ve lovingly gazed at your babies while they were fast asleep. One reason why your cat might take turns watching you sleep is that they love you, and this is their way of showing you affection. Cats often like to share their bed with their favorite humans, and it’s very well likely that they’ve watched you sleep quite often. Your cat is not planning your demise or a global takeover, they are just finding comfort in knowing that you are at peace, and it could bring them happiness to observe you in such a way, with slow, rhythmic breathing, too.

This is the most likely reason why your cat watches you sleep because, in their minds, they’re working to strengthen that unbreakable bond with you. It’s their way of showing you that they’re loyal, they love you, and they want to be the first thing you see when you open your eyes. Remember, your cat is an expert micromanager, so they’re keeping tabs on you even when you’re asleep.

The bottom line is, if your cat stares at you while sleeping, try not to think anything negative about it. More times than not, your cat is doing this because they think they’re protecting you and keeping you safe. And they want to do this because you matter to them and make them feel good. So, just think of it as your little protector who always has your back—even when you don’t know it. Aww!

Now that you’ve learned all about why cats watch you when you sleep, check out this next article on Cattitude Daily where you can decode common cat sleeping positions. 

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