Why Does My Cat Like To Headbutt Me?

When your cat headbutts you, which is also commonly referred to as head bunting, it’s a nice gesture that makes you feel special. And it should! Because as we know, cats are ones to dole out affection on just anyone. A cat’s affection is earned, not given. So, when your cat displays this kind of cat behavior, take it as a compliment! Cats will head bunt for a few reasons, actually. Keep reading to find out why it is that our feline friends like to rub their heads up against us and how to manage cat behavior.  

It’s important to understand, that those scent glands are powerful

In case you didn’t know, scent is everything to your cat. And you know what else is of great importance in the mind of your cat? Their territory! Observe your cat as you watch them move about in your home. You know, the one you pay all the bills for but they know is theirs and they must let it be known to all who enter. Your cat has carefully marked (in a good way, not the spray way) every square inch of your home as theirs. They’ve rubbed all over the edges of the walls, the corners of the couches, you name it, they’ve put their scent on it. And why is that? Well, because scent is powerful to your cat. And they want anyone who enters their home, whether that’s a human or another animal, that this house is theirs. This is why cats will headbutt you, including other things in their home. You are a part of their home, and they want you to know that so this is why they headbunt you because they have many scent glands on their foreheads and on the sides of their face. If you have multiple cats, then don’t be surprised if they’ve all staked their claim on you by way of headbutts. why do cats head bunt

Just like a slow blink is a kitty kiss, give them a head bunt back!

Want to speak feline? You don’t need to have a tail and fur all over you to do it. Science has recently proven that sending your cat a slow blink in return is an effective tool of communication. So, why not incorporate some head bunts in return, too? Cats are easy to understand and are appreciative of us when we take the time to think like they do. Your cat is a highly sensitive being who likes things on their terms. And if they are ready to show you affection, it might not be at the perfect moment for you. You could be on the computer or trying to catch up on your favorite television show. But the thing is, oftentimes when our feline friends crave affection from us, they do so as a means to get our undivided attention. Your cat can easily become jealous, and they can head bunt when they’re perfectly happy, but they can also do so when they are wanting you to spoil them with some TLC. Just take your cat’s cue for affection, and give them a head bunt in return when they do it to you. It could become a cute little ritual the two of you can share for the rest of your nine lives together. Want to know some other cute things that cats do and why they do them? Check out this article here on cattitudedaily.com to learn about five super cute behaviors our cats do and why they do them.

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