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Why Do Cats Trill?

by Cattitude Daily

I love cats and all the interesting noises that they make. Of course, there’s the meow. And don’t forget about the hiss, cat thunder, chirpy chatter, and the adorable little brrr sound that they make, too. But you know what’s one sound that cats make that’s simply irresistible no matter what? The trill! Have you ever wondered why it is that cats trill? Well, you’re certainly not alone then. Keep reading to find out why it is that cats trill by reading this…

First off, what exactly is a trill?

Well, if you’re not exactly sure what this sound is, I’ve got a little trill sample for you below courtesy of YouTube.. 

If you’re a cat owner and you’ve heard your cat making a trill sound before, chances are you’ve heard it just before they’re about to jump up for something—like a treat. Dr. Sasha Gibbons of Just Cats Veterinary Hospital out of Stamford, Connecticut tells Catster that

“The trill is a high-pitched sound because it is made by cats pushing air through their ‘voice box’ with their mouths closed so the air is not being expelled.”

Cats are all individuals by nature, and a shy cat might not be as quick to trill as other cats. And, it’s been reported that there are certain breeds of cats, like the Maine Coon, that are especially known for their trill. But, no matter what the reason for your cat’s trill, know that this is something that they are doing because they are happy. So, think of your cat’s trill as a way of showing affection. 

It’s a positive reaction when something excites them, whether that’s you, food, or another cat. 

Think about your cat’s personality. Are they outgoing or shy? Demanding or sweet? I know that I have one cat that’s a total meow box and then some and boy, oh boy, does he trill. But, at the same time, my Maine Coon mix cat, Mr. Purple, will often trill as his means of communicating with me. His meow is soft and sweet, and hardly ever do I hear a simple meow from him. For Mr. Purple, trilling is his preferred form of feline communication with me.

why cats trill

For cats, you’ll often hear them trill whenever they’re excited. It’s not the excitement of cat chatter like they’d make when they see a bird. (More on that here.) A trill sounds almost like a cooing pigeon sound, as it’s made with their mouth closed and not open, and a humming resonates simultaneously. If you share your home with more than one cat, then it’s likely that you will observe your feline friends communicating to each other in this way.

When kittens are small, they are just learning about vocalization. But, it has been reported that mother cats will trill to their kittens as a way of telling them to join along with them. As if to say, “come now, this way” like a mother would do with her young child. Does your cat like to trill at you when you are walking over to their food container on your way to feed them? Well, perhaps they’re leading you to what they want—food!

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why do cats trill?

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