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Why Doesn’t My Cat Like My Significant Other?

by Brittany

Dating someone or living with a significant other can be wonderful. However, it can bring its own challenges. For one thing, people are different. Everyone has his or her own likes and dislikes. Some people get along well together while others don’t. The same can be said sometimes about humans and felines as well. Some cats love people in general while other cats try to avoid all humans. Still other felines fall somewhere in the middle.

My own feline companion is not a fan of humans in the least. The exceptions are his two humans that he lives with. After all, we feed him and water him and give him his (twice) daily treats. Mostly, he’s quite the spoiled cat. So it makes sense that he puts up with us. But what happens when your cat doesn’t like your significant other? Why does this happen?

why doesn't my cat like my spouse?

Your Cat Might Dislike People

First of all, it’s important to avoid taking this situation personally. If your cat doesn’t like your significant other, help them to avoid seeing it as an insult. As noted, some cats just generally do not like humans as a whole. This may be why your cat loves you but can’t stand your partner. If that’s the case, point out to your significant other that your cat hates all visitors. The next time another human comes by and your cat leaves the room, make sure your partner sees that. Sometimes, it just happens.

why doesn't my cat like my significant other?

Your Significant Other Might Dislike Cats

On the flip side of the same coin, some people are not cat people. That’s totally okay! However, your cat might instinctively sense that your significant other isn’t a fan of felines. This could be why your cat is standoffish toward your partner. It is possible for the two of them to coexist peacefully. You might suggest they try ignoring each other. This can suit both parties just fine. Your significant other won’t have to take on cat duties like playing or filling the food bowl. Your cat will just go on about his life.

Can I Help My Cat and Significant Other Get Along?

It might worry you that your partner and cat don’t get along. If so, you can try a few things to help them come to a mutual respect–if not a mutual like. Never force your cat (or partner, for that matter) to do anything they don’t want to do. You can, however, encourage your partner to wave kitty’s favorite wand toy around for a minute. Try this several times to show your cat that your partner could be likable.

You could also have your partner feed your cat some treats. Start with a treat once per day and see how that goes. You may also want to try positive reinforcement with treats. For instance, each time your cat lets your significant other pet him, kitty gets a treat.

If your significant other is new to you and your cat’s life, try ‘introducing’ them. Much like introducing two new cats to each other, you can slowly introduce your partner and your cat. It will help them get used to each other and, maybe, start to like each other.

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