Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

why does my cat stare at me?

Cats have incredible eyes. They have the ability to see in low lighting, and they even have a third eyelid to protect their eyes, too. Cats are the masters of staring competitions. When put up against your feline friend, you will need a healthy dose of luck to take down your opponent. Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why does my cat stare at me?” Well, I’ve uncovered the answer for you, just keep reading!

Cats are complex little beings. So there are a few reasons to answer the question ‘Why does my cat stare at me’…

why does my cat stare at me

Your cat wants something…which is likely food

If you’re a mother to human children, you have likely felt a set of eyes blazing into your soul when your child wants something. This is especially true if you’ve just sat down for the first time all day. Our cats are master manipulators at getting what they want. And we know exactly what falls high on that list of priorities. My cat will most definitely stare at me when he is hungry. And he’ll meow his little ass off, too. Some cats are more persistent about staring than others. My cat who is my stare champion is quite neurotic and I am by far his favorite person.

The times when I most get his gaze fixated upon me is when he is hungry. Which is often. So, I’ve just grown accustomed to his glares my way. Think about the times in which your cat is staring at you, and this might explain a lot!

Dr. Kathryn Primm, owner and operator of Applebrook Animal Hospital in Chattanooga, TN says:

“Cats are notoriously nosy, so when your cat watches you, it might be just to see what you will do for entertainment.  There is always a chance that your actions will produce something that she wants, like food or attention. Our cats definitely are aware that we represent resources for them.”

Your cat stares at you simply because they’re curious

Despite what some might think, your cat knows that you are not a giant cat. Cats are far from stupid, and cats also don’t meow at other cats. They only meow to us past kittenhood. Cats are incredibly curious by nature. And some are even more curious than others depending on their breed. If your cat is staring at you on the regular, they might just be wondering about the things that they are seeing in you that they don’t see in themselves. Oh, so you don’t have this fur stuff? Your hair looks different today, why are pieces of it missing? Wow, stripes look so much better on me than you. You know, usual cat judgment sort of stuff.

Your cat likes what they see when they stare at you

Although it might feel as if we are being judged, take it as a compliment. Cats are not going to fixate their gaze on just anything. They’re simply too calculated for that. If something catches their interest and holds it, that thing they are staring at is something of value. Think about when your cat stares out the window at a squirrel or a bird or what have you. This excites them and fixates their gaze for quite some time. If your cat is staring at you, you are compelling to them. Do you happen to notice your cat will slowly blink after they’ve taken a long look at you? Well, that’s their way of giving you a kitty kiss in cat logic. Shoot one back their way to return the favor, my dear.

Watch those pupils when your cat stares at you

Your cat’s pupils can signal what they’re feeling. So, keep this in mind if your cat happens to be staring at you and their pupils are noticeably dilated. It is not normal for a cat’s eyes to be dilated regularly. If you feel as if your cat’s eyes look different than normal on a regular basis, it’s important for you to take them in to see their veterinarian. Your veterinarian will likely shine a light into your cat’s eyes to see how they respond, in addition to blood work being performed. Just know that your cat’s eyes being constantly dilated is not normal, and can definitely signal that something is amiss with their health.

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