Why Do Cats Do That Silly Sideways Walk?

Cats do lots of super cute things. They’ll puff up and arch their backs when they become startled. They’ll knead us with their paws and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, too. And another cute thing that they do? That adorable sideways jump that makes our hearts pitter patter. Have you ever wondered why it is that our feline friends will display this silly behavior? Keep reading to find out why our kitties sometimes make us smile with that cute little sideways walking jump.

So, first off, what is the sideways cat walk?

Some people might also refer to this sideways cat walk as the crab walk, and that makes perfect sense if you know exactly what I’m talking about! But, of course, I’ve included a clip for you courtesy of YouTube so you can get a better idea…

This little cutie is well on their way to becoming a master crab walker!

Your feline friend is a naturally playful little being. For them, they can sometimes display this cute crustacean-like movement when they are excited and something triggers their innate desire to play. Don’t allow those aloof and distant cats to fool you, most cats are quite playful at heart regardless of age. My older kitty Mr. Purple is nine and he still does this often and I love it! Typically when it’s when he’s having a good romp with my Chihuahua.

Many cats love to do that sideways jump when they catch their reflection in the mirror, too. One of the most endearing qualities about cats is their reflexes, so it’s amusing for us when we see them do this thinking they’re intimidating that cat in the mirror. If only they knew it was actually them!

Cats jump sideways usually when they’re startled

When your cat jumps sideways, they’ll typically do this because something has suddenly startled them. Not all cats are naturally scaredy cats, so some might be more likely to jump sideways than others. But it seems that kittens which are learning to navigate the world might be most inclined to demonstrate their crab walk. This is because the world is a strange place and they must learn to differentiate what is safe and what is a potential threat. Cats will arch their backs in these moments to make themselves appear larger and more threatening. But when they realize that potential threat is actually not a threat at all, their cute crab walk can come into play as they scurry off in excitement.

why do cats sideways jump

Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis writes on VetStreet.com that, when a cat looks like this, he is basically saying, ‘I’m scared of you but I’m ready to defend myself if you come any closer.”

Want to amuse your kitty? Get down on all fours and do a crab walk back to them. Just don’t be surprised if they come flying and pounce right back at you.

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Crazy (adult) cat scared of his own reflection in the mirror! • Cat GIF site

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