When Will My Cat Stop Growing?

Have you ever adopted a young cat or kitten? When cats are babies, they’re so adorable. (That fuzzy fur sticking up all over!) And it is pretty obvious when a cat is just a baby. They have such tiny features and haven’t developed into a grown cat yet. But where is the line between cat and kitten? That can be difficult to determine as your baby kitten starts to get a bit older. The line can be rather blurred once a kitten is close to maturing. Read on to learn when your cat will stop growing.

when will my cat stop growing?

Is My Cat Still Growing?

When kittens are born, they are tiny little things. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation helpfully outlines the various stages of your cat’s growth, from baby to adult. If you are lucky enough to have a kitten living with you, you probably feel that she’s growing like a weed. That’s because she is! Kittens grow pretty quickly until they are around half a year old.

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How Much Will My Cat Grow?

Healthy Paws notes that kittens might grow twice their size in just the first week they’re alive. That’s pretty fast growth! It does slow a bit as they age. Generally speaking, you might expect your kitten to add about an ounce of body weight in approximately three days as it grows. An ounce may not sound like much, but it makes a big difference when kittens usually are born weighing just 3.5 ounces! That rapid growth does slow a bit around the four month mark.

when will my cat stop growing?

Do Cats Grow as Adults?

Here’s an interesting tidbit about growing cats. In general, the majority of cats are thought to be adults when they hit about one year of age. However, your cat may or may not be done growing at that age.

Much depends on the type of cat you have. Different cats grow at different times. And different breeds of cats have different growth rates. You might be surprised to learn that some cats may not stop growing until age four! Maine Coon cats are a prime example of this. They are really large felines, so it makes sense that they take a little longer to stop growing. Some other cats meanwhile might top growing when they reach about a year and a half in age.

Ragamuffin cat breed

Other Influences

Beyond individual and breed differences, other things weigh in on your cat’s growth (if you’ll pardon the pun!). One major factor in how much your cat will grow is food.

Food needs to be high quality, filled with the nutrients kitty needs to grow. You also need to be sure you’re feeding kitty enough throughout his lifespan. This is even more critical if your cat is a kitten. That rapid growth needs lots of fuel. That fuel should come from quality kitty kibble.

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Is My Cat Done Growing?

There’s no specific answer that fits all cats here. If you know your cat’s breed, you can research average rates of maturity. If you’re not sure, you can always contact your vet.

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