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Meet Nala And Thor: Two Super Expressive Maine Coon Cats

by Cattitude Daily

Many of us cat lovers have a soft spot in our hearts for Maine Coon cats. They’re big, they’re beautiful, they’re oh-so-fluffy, and their personalities are simply amazing. If you’ve ever been owned by a Maine Coon cat, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that. For Nala and Thor, they’re two Maine Coon cats out of the UK that are so expressive, their many moods jump out at you straight from their photos. I came across their fun images on Instagram and reached out to their owner, Zoe, to get permission to share them with you all. Something tells me that you’ll like them just as much as I do!

Everyone, meet Nala and Thor!

Their Instagram bio reads that they’re: “Two Maine Coon babies living their best lives.

Nala is a black tabby roughly one year of age, and her older cat housemate Thor is a black smoke Maine Coon who is four years of age. 

Learn more about Nala here, courtesy of their owner:

“Nala is hilarious – so energetic and always playing. Her facial expressions are just brilliant. We can spend a fortune on toys but her favourite thing to play with are my hair bands. Nala is super special to us as she was the runt of the litter and the only one left as nobody wanted her. When we arrived her brothers and sisters who were all sold and waiting to go to new homes – they attacked her constantly, she hid under the table and the breeder said that was her place of safety. She was easily under half the size of her siblings. I think unfortunately a lot of people want Maine Coons for their size, colour, appearance etc. Hopefully our page shows that although she is small, she is gorgeous and hilarious and worth just as much as her brothers and sisters.

And when Nala’s not being super sweet or silly, she likes to show off, too!

Want to learn more about Thor, a Maine Coon with a super striking coat? His owner shared with me details on him as well…

“Thor is the complete opposite.. He is super lazy and older than Nala as he is 4 – but when in the mood and some effort put in by us, he plays like a kitten. He has the grumpiest face but such a gentle heart. He loves a scratch and a cuddle and he is so dog-like it’s scary. Once you start scratching his tickle spot (top of his back legs) he flops onto the floor and gives you his belly. He is always dribbling and drooling.

Thor is so trustworthy he goes into the garden on his own without a lead as he doesn’t even attempt to get over the fence. He is 9kgs (that’s roughly 20 lbs for us Americans) and responds to his nickname which is ‘the big boy’. We have only had him since February, and although he can sometimes be a little timid around men, his trust improves every day. Thor was a stud cat and the breeder could no longer use him for breeding. The owner absolutely loved him and wanted him to go to a special home – we were lucky enough to give him a loving home.”

Thor definitely has the ‘Can I speak to the manager’ look perfected!

When Nala and Thor are side by side, you can see just how itty bitty Nala is for a Maine Coon!

Nala and Thor love hanging out on their catio together when they’re not busy posing or catching up on their precious cat naps…

I asked Nala and Thor’s owner what’s something she’d like people to know when looking at her cats’ photos, and she said that she hopes the main thing people should know is that “all cats have gorgeous hearts.” Awww!

Can’t get enough of these two super expressive Maine Coon cats? Follow them here on Instagram to keep up with their cuteness. I’d like to give a special thank you to Zoe for sharing details about them as well as their photos with us. 

Want to learn more about Maine Coon cats? Check out this cool video here with fun facts about these large and in charge felines of the cat world.


All Images Courtesy of Nala and Thor – Maine_Coon_UK on Instagram

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