Precious Kitten Finds Perfect Forever Family After Getting Rehomed

I’m pretty crazy about Tuxedo cats, and if there’s one thing I like even more, it’s longhaired tuxedo cats. For one cat named Wednesday out of Scotland, he had an interesting start at life when his forever home fell through. But, thankfully now with his permanent forever family, Wednesday will never have to worry about losing his home again.

One day recently Amber was scrolling through the free ads online in her home country, hoping to find a forever feline to add to her four-legged family. That’s when she saw this lovely kitty who she knew instantly was the “one” she’d been searching for. Thinking quickly, she hopped on the phone to gather more details on this kitty who needed to find a forever home ASAP.

The person listing the kitty was trying to help a friend, and didn’t have too many details on the splashy black and white kitten. Amber gather the details and phoned her fiancee immediately so that he could go and pick up the pretty girl kitten in need of a home. 

Once home, Amber was even more in love, head over heels for this fluffy little princess she now got to call her own. The kitten, believed to be a female Maine coon and Siberian mix, adjusted easily to her new surroundings. And quickly, Amber scheduled a vet trip so that her new kitty could get all the necessary immunizations and checkup she needed.

It was then that pretty little Wednesday gave her unexpected surprise. The vets confirmed that the kitten was approximately 10 weeks of age, and a he not a she as she had been told. I caught up with Amber after seeing some photos of precious Wednesday, and reached out with some questions about her unique looking feline friend that is a total doll. Keep reading to learn all about Wednesday!

How did Wednesday come into your life?

I was browsing the free ads for a cat to add to my family, and came across his picture and instantly fell in love. I called the person with the listing and was worried he’d already be rehomed since the ad was two days old. The man didn’t speak English very well, and he didn’t know about the shots the kitten had or the exact age. He was just trying to help his friend find a home for him since his friend had to move back to Poland. We took him home and the very next day took him into the vet for his checkup and shots.

How did Wednesday get his (or should I say “her”) name?

I chose Wednesday because I thought she was female. I like Wednesday Addams and I thought it suited the spooky look of her. Then she turned out to be a he and I just didn’t want to change it. His name is Wednesday but I call him ‘wedwed’ for short.

What is his personality like?

His personality all depends on his mood. He’s very loving and loves cuddles. But sometimes he will be quick to hiss at his dog housemate, Elvis.

Does Wednesday have any cat or dog housemates?’

He lives with Elvis, a French bulldog who he currently isn’t very fond of, and a curly the poodle who he loves. He also has three cat friends in our home, Snowflake, Simba and Brillo.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Wednesday?

His purr is so loud he sounds like a tractor! I think he was meant for me.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to his owner for allowing me to share his story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. He might have gotten switched around a bit before coming into her life, but it seems that now he’s right where he belongs!

All Images Courtesy of Amber McConnell



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