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Tips to Combat Cat Hair in Your Home

by Brittany

Oh, how we love our furry feline companions. They frolic, they chatter, they play, they purr. They also shed. A lot. Unless you happen to be the pet guardian of a hairless breed of cat, you probably have all kinds of cat hair sprinkled throughout your house. Seriously, that stuff gets everywhere! I swear sometimes that my cat can even project his hairs, with excellent aim I might add, so that they stick in my black sweaters.

While I do love my spoiled cat, I don’t always love the hairballs I see floating around my floors. And my clothes, and my food, and my…well, you get the point. Let’s take a look at a few helpful tips to combat cat hair in your home.

Brush Your Cat

Brushing your cat can be a helpful way to help combat all that cat hair pileup in your home, because it can be more proactive than reactive. Consistently brushing your cat can help trap those stray furs in the brush before they have a chance to grab on to your favorite sweater.

Buy Quality Pet Food

Not all cats enjoy being brushed, which can be a bit of an understatement. If this is the case, you’ll want to try other methods of combating cat hair, such as buying quality food for your cat. Some foods don’t contain the right mix of ingredients for your particular cat’s needs, and if your kitty isn’t getting the proper nutrition, she may shed more fur. Do a checkup on your cat’s food to make sure it’s helping her maintain a healthy coat.

Squeegee Your Furniture

Okay, this tip might sound a little weird, but hear me out. Have you ever taken a vacuum cleaner to an upholstered piece of furniture covered in cat hair, only to have to spend 10 minutes vacuuming it? And it’s still not clean! Before you vacuum next time, try out a rubber squeegee. It can help remove the bulk of the cat hair and loosen some of it up which you can then suck up with the vacuum cleaner.

Specialized Products

Recently, Bounce came out with a dryer sheet that is supposed to help repel pet hair. My husband saw a commercial of theirs just the other day and told me about it. It might be worth a shot to try something similar that has hair-repellent qualities, especially if you’ve tried other things and still find cat hair stuck to all of your clothing!

Cat hair is just a part of having a cat (or two) living with you in your home. As pet owners, we all deal with it and, sometimes, curse it. (Why is it that fur balls only seem to emerge just as a guest walks in the door?) Don’t get too exasperated though, because there are some tips to help you put up a fight against the cat hair in your home. And, if all else fails, they do sell those books about making holiday gifts out of cat hair…

Got any of your own expert tips to share? Leave us a comment and let’s hear them!

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