These Naughty Kitties Aren’t Concerned With Being On Santa’s Nice List

When it comes to our feline friends, destroying our Christmas decorations is often high on their list of favorite festivities. Our trees sometimes don’t stand a chance as they launch themselves inside of it—and don’t even get me started on those shiny and tempting ornaments. But, like the dedicated cat people that we are, we endure their shenanigans year after year and don’t make too much fuss about it…or the cleanup.

Some naughty kitties aren’t too concerned with landing themselves a spot on Santa’s Nice List, and these silly kitty cats are proof of it. And I’d like to give a special “thank you” to all the awesome Cattitude Daily Facebook fans who shared photos of their naughty Christmas kitties with me!

“This is my precious Clémentine , 10months…. She’s not too naughty….. But she sure knows where is her Christmas stuffing sock!!!”
Image credit: Marie-Christine Caron

“Ollie is one naughty kitty, because he chose to eat my fish underneath the Christmas tree… apparently, it does not smell so pine-fresh now…”

Image credit: Laura Buttner

“Lucy is only 8 months old so this is her first Christmas….she hasn’t been too naughty…..yet!”

Image credit: Loretta Cooprider

“I put out some foil to put cookies on. Hmm, Felipe made himself right at home. I thought cats hated aluminum foil, what a naughty cat!”

Image credit: Janet Tayon

“My lil rescue(Winston),who was abandoned in the cold approx 7 weeks old,helping me put up the Christmas Tree,he really wasn’t much help,but he thought he was.”

Image credit: Amy T. Caldwell
“Beanie thinks this tree needs some adjusting…”
Image credit: Alexandrina AD

“Our lil guy at 6 months. Before we could even put on some ornaments. OH Simba lol”

Image Credit: Robert Johnson

“I’ve only had my baby Willow for 2 weeks. She’s the most sweet loving little tornado…When she discovered that she could get a better view of my bird from the tree… well, I just gave up and let her claim the tree.”

Image Credit: Cindy Urquhart

“This our first Christmas together. Every morning Beaux brings an ornament from the tree to me in bed. So sweet and so irritating!”

Image credit: April Tate

“Sassy did this by herself. I was starting to decorate and left the room for something and came back to this. Which also ended up being my Christmas card.”

Image Credit: Dee Boettcher

“Cornell isn’t supposed to be sleeping there…”

Image Credit: Tammy Schellhorn

“This is Salem’s first Christmas and he didn’t know what to do with himself after he got stuck up in the tree. Nana (me, being his kitty grandma) rescued him and he hasn’t been up the tree since but will sit and stare at it. I can see the cogs working in that brain of his!”

Image Credit: Elaine Rasmussen Lechtenberg

“And he likes to hide behind the tree. Like, we can’t see him!”

Image Credit: Lana Wilder

“You’ll know when you see it. I guess when we named her Leia, she let the whole Princess of the Galaxy thing go to her head…(hint: look in between the orange and purple ribbon in the middle)”

Image Credit: Jennifer Brazell Bumgardner

“I haven’t put up my tree in 4 years now … this always happens.”

Image Credit: Jean Mortensen

 “Pixie has her very own Christmas tree to play with.”

Image Credit: Julie Casamassima Arnault

“So, I have 5 cats ,all of which are too fat…..except miss abby.Christmas tree is up maybe 5 minutes, not even decorated, and boom ,a live tree topper.”

Image Credit: Richard Punch

“It is Salem’s first Christmas and she is enjoying the magic of the season.”

Image Credit: Sabrina Caines

“Decorated my mantel for Chrismas and then Alice decided to be the final part of the display.”

Image Credit: Linda Lucas

“4 year old Maine Coon’s Jules and Jasper continually Undecorated the dining room table.”

Image Credit: Renee Full

“Attacking the wrapping paper. This is Frankie.”

Image Credit: Sheila Gillespie Smith

“Bad kitty. Looks so innocent.”

Image Credit: Kelly Bray

“Contemplating chaos.”

Image Credit: Melissa Pritchard

“Olivia’s favourite sleeping spot.”

Image Credit: Melissa-Allison Breault

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Feature Image Courtesy of Melissa Pritchard / Nancy Thompson / Tammy Schellhorn

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