These Christmas Cat Memes Are Right Up Your Alley

I love Christmastime for so many reasons. Unlike other people who frantically run around, I make a conscious effort to slow things down a bit and take time to enjoy the little things and the people and pets in my life that I care about. When it comes to Christmas and cats, sometimes the fascination with all things fluffy, sparkly, and bright will get the best of their natural sense of curiosity. And this is especially true when it comes to that oh-so-tempting Christmas tree. Cats simply cannot resist their natural urges to swat and paw…or sometimes even pounce on that festive decoration we display in our homes each year.

Check out these fun Christmas-themed cat memes we have for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Here’s to wishing you a holiday season that’s merry and bright and not filled with as many catastrophes as you’ll find in these cat memes!

All cats know this one! 😹🎄😹

Clever cat…

This is fact. 💯

Purrticularly feelin’ myself on this one, human…

Go time.

I swear I was only gone 5 minutes…

The best offense is a good defense come Christmas tree time!

You’ve been warned.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words!

Make it snappy, I’ve got work to do.

No regrets 😹

Christmas trees are simply unfair!

Because the cat’s opinion is the only opinion that truly matters!

The cat on the right didn’t approve of this image capture 😹

This cat is too cool for school.

Careful with those fibs, kitties. Santa’s watching!

My cat would love this Christmas gift, too!


Damn it, human, you had one job!

Can’t get enough of cat memes? Check out our fun article dedicated to cat memes here! Happy holidays, cat lovers! 🎄🎅🏻😻

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