Curious Zelda Will Dazzle You With Her Eyes While Wowing You With Her Fun Poems

For one adorable tuxedo cat out of the UK, she’s quite curious. So curious, in fact, that it’s part of the moniker she’s known across the globe by. Curious Zelda is a rescued tuxedo cat that has won the hearts of many cat lovers across the globe for her daily musings and round pupils that you can’t help but stop and say “aww” over. The world we are living in is full of madness and uncertainty, but little Zelda is mighty and here to give us all some much-needed comic relief with her daily antics. Her owner, Matt Taghioff, starting sharing her images coupled with quirky poems on Twitter in 2015, and quickly Princess Zelda cemented herself as a favorite account to follow in the eyes of many. Today, she’s amassed a most impressive social media following of nearly 400k fans, and it’s easy to see why with every photo and hilarious poem.

Everyone, meet Curious Zelda—one of the cutest tuxedo kitties you’ll ever see that has a special way with words!

“I need to sleep!”
My human begs
I have a think
Then claw his legs

Now, in her latest venture, Miss Zelda has become a published author. Her book, The Adventures of a Curious Cat, is available worldwide, and I know for certain that yours truly will be purchasing a copy! (Go here to order now based on your preferences/location.) For her book, readers will get a chance to gain “insight into her view of the world and dispenses unparalleled wisdom. Zelda explains, in her unique voice, how to handle humans, how to communicate with furniture, and most importantly how to live a life curiously. It’s the ultimate self-help guide for any cat, or indeed, their human.”

I caught up with Matt with some questions I had for him about his famous kitty cat, so keep reading to learn more about this gorgeous feline with eyes that make your heart skip a beat. 

1. How did Curious Zelda come into your life?

I’d always wanted to rescue a black cat, as they’re often neglected in shelters. I got in touch with the Mayhew animal charity, who recommended a cat named ‘Princess’. In the ad, there was a clear warning: “Don’t be put off by my spooked expression”. I couldn’t resist meeting her. Soon as I did, we had an intense and awkward staring match. She then trotted over to me, bonked her head against my hand, and there was no going back.

I have no cash
I have no job
It’s not my fault
I’m just a blob
My life is brilliant
My love is pure
I am a dough ball
Of that I’m sure

2. How did you decide on her name?

Being a ‘Princess’ I thought she might like to keep her title, so I named her after ‘Princess Zelda’ from the Nintendo series.

3. What’s her personality like?

The sweetest mix of curious, affectionate and permanently startled. Zelda routinely inspects the furniture in our house as if they’re new. New sounds / smells / objects intrigue or startle her. She’s really playful, and understands Hide and Seek – the rules are a little skewed as she likes to pounce on me when I find her. She loves a lap, and goes nuts for belly rubs.

The game is up
I can’t pretend
My two front legs
No longer bend

4. How old is she now, and what age was she when she came to live with you?

She’s 9 or 10. I’ve worked for her for 6 years.

5. They say that tuxedo cats are known for their cattitude, how would your rate Zelda’s cattitude?

She’s highly strung and unpredictable. Off-the-scale levels of sass, but entirely innocent. Overall a wild and thoroughly entertaining housemate.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Matt for allowing me to share Zelda’s images and story with you all. If you know someone who is crazy for tuxedo cats, don’t forget to share this super cutie pie with them.

I feel I should explain myself
I’m not much of a talker
I did not mean to startle you
I’m just your furry stalker

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All Images Courtesy of Curious Zelda