Teen Rescues Sick Kitten From Suspected Hoarder, Asks Community For Help To Save More

In today’s world, many teenagers are glued to their phones and social media. But Emmaly is not your typical teen. She is kind, caring, and wants to help others—especially animals in need. Emmaly and her family live in Crescent City, California, and recently her sister had been wanting a cat to call her own. Going to a pet store was not in mind, and she wanted to find a cat or kitten in need who needed a loving forever home.

Emmaly’s sister, Angel, brought home a cat from a lady that lived nearby that many suspected could possibly have an animal hoarding situation in her home. Emmaly says that,

“My sister Angel wanted a cat and just came home with one from this lady who lives down the road from us who has kind of a cat hoarding problem.”

While adorable, it was clear that the kitten needed much more than just TLC. And Emmaly knew that she wasn’t the only kitten in need of help. So, she’s deciding to help out the kittens as best she can, with plans to go back for more kittens once she’s gotten each kitten healthy or found a home for them.

“When we got my sister’s cat, she had fleas, was malnourished, and had a respiratory infection. Believe it or not, the kitten she got was the least sick out of the newest litter. Once I saw how sick she was, I wanted to go back to the lady my sister got her cat from and see if she had anymore kittens. Before I went back to see if she had another kitten, I had no idea she was hoarding cats until I talked to some of her neighbors. After they had told me this, I had to go back and see if i could help one of them. 

So, my mom and I drove down and she just gave us one (Audrina) and we left. She didn’t ask any questions besides where we lived so she could visit her.

When we got Audrina she was not in the best shape. Her first day with us she just slept all day and barely ate because she was just so sick and didn’t have the energy to do much. After seeing how sick she was, I just know I need to go back and help as many kittens as I can and find them loving and caring homes.”

Anyone interested in fostering, adopting, or helping with medical expenses of these cats can contact Emmaly at emmalyleroy13@gmail.com or through Facebook messenger.

In regards to Audrina, Emmaly says that,

She is either a Bombay or Burmese cat but I’m not too sure. She is three months old and needs a loving and caring home asap. I got her from a lady who has a cat hoarding problem and I’m trying to get as many cats out, healthy, and into new homes as possible. She has a small respiratory infection right now which I got antibiotics for so it should clear up in a week. She is very shy at first, but she is very sweet once she warms up to you. I think she might be blind but I might be wrong.

Emmaly is doing her best to help one cat at a time, and it’s a selfless act that I think shows her pure heart. Hopefully before long, the remaining kittens will be in a better situation with Emmaly and the community’s help.

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