Beautiful Stray Cat Gets Adopted By A House Cat And His Wonderful Family

In Vancouver BC Canada, there lives a gorgeous once-stray cat who just goes to show you that some of the most special cats of all are the ones that adopt you. And, not only this, but sometimes, it’s your resident kitty cat who helps to give them the loving forever home that they deserve. As we know, cats are territorial beings. But sometimes it seems that cats know when another cat needs a family to call their own. For one handsome black cat named Willy, he knew how to lend a paw to a lonely stray cat who now spends his days with all the love, companionship, and cat food he could ever ask for!

How did Konradd come into your life?

In 2015 we adopted our black cat Willy from the SPCA.  In the spring of 2016, we often heard a very loud cat around the neighborhood. Talking to our cat-loving neighbors, we determined there was a new stray cat around. No one seemed to know if he had a home, and we soon discovered he was sleeping in a neighbor’s garden, at the side of his house. Upon first sight, we knew Konradd was very unique. All the neighbors were enamoured by his beautiful looks and his loud meow! The race was on to see who could capture this little guy!

Shortly after we noticed him, we would hear him in our backyard. We would see him and Willy playing together, and racing around the yard together. It seemed to us that Willy and Konradd were already good friends, with the bit bigger Willy leading the way, with his little buddy Konradd in tow!

How did Konradd get his name?

Konradd was very elusive, and would not let any humans near him. So we came up with a plan to trap him. We set up a cat carrier in the backyard with food in it, and a string to shut the door. We eventually captured him, took him to the vet for his vaccinations and to be neutered. He was almost a year old we figured, when we captured him.

Konradd got his name from our two children. They had this game they made up, which was quite clever. The game was called Traffic Jam, and it’s about people stuck in a traffic jam, interacting with each other, and was played with action figures. One of the main characters was named Conrad. The kids decided we should name the new kitten Conrad. His name has since morphed into Konradd Katt, mostly for his Instagram account! On another note, I wanted to name him Goldmember, but I kew it wasn’t going to fly. 😃

How does Konradd get along with the other pets in your home?

Konradd gets along well with Willy. He really loves Willy and looks up to him. Willy is definitely an alpha male cat, as he is very territorial, and will fight any cat. For some reason, Willy is very tolerant of Konradd. Unfortunately for Willy, Konradd can sometimes be very overbearing, and almost too loving to Willy. A lot of times, Willy will be sleeping, and Konradd will come and crowd him, encroach in his space. Willy usually puts up with this, but other times he will give Konradd a whooping. It’s all friendly though, just some light rough housing. Konradd sometimes exhibits diva like tendencies, where he will be very loud although Willy isn’t even touching him!

How would you describe his personality?

Konradds personality is unique for a cat! He’s very vocal and loud. When he meows, you can talk to him, and he will meow back! You can have a conversation with him! He is also very loving, mostly with Willy, but not so much with humans. When Konradd wants the human touch, it has to be on his terms! He is very active, he loves going outside, and he’s a great hunter. Being a stray, I think Konradd never forgets his early days, as he eats every meal like it’s his last. He is a scavenger too, as a lot of our neighbors tell us he sneaks into their houses thru a cat door, eats their cats’ food, and slips out, very stealthily, like a ninja! They all love him by the way. It’s funny too as neighbors tell us about this, and I question them, “Are you sure it was Konradd?”, and I usually get, “Well, we didn’t actually see him, but we know it was him!”

What are some of Konradd’s favorite hobbies?

Konradds hobbies would be doing whatever Willy is doing.  They are usually inseparable, but lately Konradd is more independent. They both like hunting birds, mice, rats, the odd squirrel and the occasional woodpecker. Konradd is lightning fast when he runs and plays. He also stretches quite a lot. And he sharpens his nails often on the cat scratching posts!

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Konradd?

There are lots of things special about Konradd. He is very loud, so his nickname is Lieutenant LoudMeow. His coat is beautiful, and is so soft, and he rarely sheds. He is quite a bit smaller than Willy, so when they roughhouse, Konradd always takes higher ground, then he can mess with Willy. I’ve also mentioned his speed, he is fast and elusive. A crazy thing I’ve seen him do, is jump from the ground onto the top of a 7ft wall! He has a 7 ft vertical jump! Konradd is very smart too. When he comes in the house looking for Willy, I’ll say, “Willys in the bedroom “, or “Willys downstairs “, and he will go where we tell him. The odd time, we’ve caught him watching TV. For instance, we had a hockey game on. Konradd was following the movements on screen, and then they zoomed in on the players bench, and a player threw his leg up over the boards to jump onto the ice, when his leg swung towards the viewers, Konradd seemed to jump out of the way! It was funny for us to see. Konradd is also very gentle. If you mess with him a bit, he will bat at you with a paw, but he will never have his claws out! He is very beautiful. The more we look at him, the more we noticed little details about him that we never noticed before, like certain spots or stripes, where they are on his body. He’s a beautiful, happy boy, and an important part of our family, and to him, Willy is his whole world! We don’t mind playing second fiddle to Willy!

Want to see more of this cool kitty cat? Be sure to check out King Konrad on Instagram. I’d also like to give a special “thank you” to his cat family for saving him from a life on the streets and for allowing me to share his story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. The world could certainly use more purrfect stories like this!

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