Study Reveals “Music For Cats” Is Proven To Reduce Stress At Vet Visits

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Cats become stressed easily. Their sense of hearing is roughly five times stronger than ours so imagine how they must feel. Going to the vet is not high on your cat’s list of favorite things to do. This is usually a highly stressful time for your cats. Many will react out of fear and it’s no fun for all parties involved to see cats stressed out. A new study on cat behavior out of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La. took a closer look at the way cats behave at vet visits, and tested out a theory that certain kinds of music could be played to help put a cat’s mind at ease.

cat study

The study was conducted at LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine and I found the results to be rather interesting. I figured I’d go ahead and share it with other cat lovers in hopes that you would, too!

Originally published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, it looked to see if playing certain types of music at a veterinary clinic could work to put a cat’s mind at ease.

The methods for the study involved exposing the cats to silence, classical music, and cat-specific music during physical examinations at the vet office. Each of the cats was tested to a different type of music the same way two weeks later. 

cat study

The main objective of the study was to “determine if feline-specific music played in a veterinary clinical setting would promote lower cat stress scores (CSSs).”

And the results? Well, when the cats examined were exposed to cat-specific music, their CSSs were significantly decreased.

I’m sure you might be wondering to yourself, “what exactly is cat music?”

Well, I’ve gathered a sample for your listening pleasure. And if your cat is in the room while you’re reading this, feel free to let them get a listen, too. Studies show that they’re fans of it! Thanks to this study, the entire world will soon know that there’s music just for cats.

Smithsonian Magazine tells us that domestic cats prefer “species-specific” music, so don’t bother trying to entertain your feline friend at home with the latest in Top 40 hits.

A few years ago, David Teie, a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra, teamed up with animal scientists to develop Music for Cats. This compilation of music caters specifically to cats and features species-specific sounds that are alluring to them. It’s basically an interesting symphonic blend of purrs, bird chirps, and trills, but to your cat, it’s music to their highly-sensitive ears!

Wondering what music dogs like? Well, studies actually took a closer look at that, too. Turns out, your dog likes reggae music. Who knew?! 

cat study

Maybe this means that more vet offices will play cat-specific music for their feline patients to put their minds at ease. Perhaps if they did, cats would lessen their disapproval of trips to the vet. And I’m sure that would make for a lot less cat scratches and fur flying.

If you’d like to read the study in its entirety, you can do so here.

Did you know that studies have shown that cats practice selective deafness when it comes to us? Yep, that’s right. A study recently confirmed that your cat can, in fact, hear you, they just don’t care!


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