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Stray Calico Kitten Adopts Young Boy As Her Forever Human And Best Friend

by Cattitude Daily

Cats have a great sixth sense about knowing when people are good, and oftentimes, they land themselves a forever home by following their intuition. We know that cats are naturally curious, and for one calico kitten, she was curious to befriend a young boy who she could tell was a cat person. Little by little she left her pawprints on the young boy’s heart, and during a most stressful time, too. Now, she spends her days being pampered, loved, and cared for, and from the looks of it, you can tell that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did Bow come into your life?

We were living in a camper during part of the pandemic. My oldest was in 1st grade but we were doing distance learning at home. He loves cats. He ended up befriending this small colony but this little calico kitten couldn’t get enough of him. She’d follow him everywhere, play at the park with him, and would eventually “help” him with homework when we started letting her inside. She adopted him.

How did she get her name?

My son named her Bow for her colors – Black Orange White

What is her personality like?

She’s pretty bizarre. She likes to sploot or drape herself over the edges of things. She’s sweet and cuddly making biscuits then suddenly she’s spicy. Spicy biscuits.

How does she get along with her cat housemates?

She pretty much keeps to herself in regards to the other cats. She’d rather hang with us. She has a stool in the kitchen that is her stool. She naps on it while we make dinner or she observes while we have company over.

What’s something special you want others to know about Bow?

She has the softest fur I have ever had the privilege to put my hands in. When she’s in a cuddle mood, she’ll come make biscuits and suckle the blanket edges. Also, she doesn’t meow – she peeps.

I want to give a special “thank you” to Erin for allowing me to share Bow’s images and sweet story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. It seems that Bow chose the perfect person to spend the rest of her nine lives with.

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