Feline 411: All About the Sphynx Cat Breed

When we think about the Sphynx cat, it’s hard not to think about Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth. Sphynx cats have a lot more to offer than their Hollywood fame. Actually, these cats are not evil at all…

There’s a lot to know about their iconic hairless kitties, facts you probably never heard before. Let’s dive into what makes the Sphynx cats so distinct!

sphynx cat breed

Sphynx cats were the first hairless breed

While hairless cats have existed for centuries, Sphynx cats were the first to be bred specifically for their hairless traits. This all happened because of one kitten born in the 1960s in Ontario, Canada. The kitten was completely hairless. This caught the attention of breeders quickly, who isolated the gene and began breeding the Canadian Hairless cat. This name soon changed to the Sphynx.

These cats love to talk to you

What makes Sphynx cats stand out is their ability to chat. They love to express their mood with a range of sounds, from whining to squeaking. This may sound like it could be annoying, but many love how Sphynx cats have no issue talking back. Who doesn’t love a kitty with a little sass?

Sphynx cat breed

Not every Sphynx cat is hairless

One thing that surprises everyone is that Sphynx cats aren’t all hairless. Most of these felines have soft downy hair on their bodies. It feels like the fuzz on orchard fruits (like a peach!) This makes Sphynx cats equally as awesome to pet, as this hair makes their skin feel extra soft. It’s no wonder Dr. Evil wouldn’t stop petting Mr. Bigglesworth…

They are the purrfect indoor cats

The Sphynx cat is mainly an indoor cat breed. But, Sphynx cats are known for their wild curiosity, which may lead them to want to venture outdoors. If a Sphynx cat does go outside, it’s best to watch them. (A catio could be a purrfect idea!) Their coat makes them extra vulnerable to dirt or even injury. Also, Sphynx cats don’t do well with weather extremes. In the winter, it can be much too cold outside for them to feel comfortable. The same goes for the summer – Sphynx cats can get sunburnt too!

sphynx cat breed

Sphynx cats are very loving and witty kitties

If there’s one thing that’s for sure – the Sphynx cat is not evil. Their unique look has unfortunately given them that image. These kitties may not be typically fluffy and cuddly looking, but they are actually one of the most affectionate breeds around.

What many adore about Sphynx cats is their compassionate nature. They are very friendly to humans and fellow felines. Sphynx cats are always down to play or hang out on the couch.

These cats have incredible appetites

Sphynx cats can eat for days! Since they lack a thick coat of hair, their bodies need to work a little hard to keep warm. This gives Sphynx cats a much higher metabolism than other cats.

This means that Sphynx cats need to eat more and more often. Their food needs to be of good quality with a lot of sustenance so that these kitties don’t go hungry.

They also can get sunburnt…

No fur means not a lot of protection from the sun. While Sphynx cats do generate natural protective oils on their skin, it isn’t enough to protect them from the intense sun rays. This is why the Sphynx cat still remains mostly an indoor cat.

Sphynx cat breed

Sphynx cats need to be pampered

A hairless cat doesn’t mean fewer grooming duties. Sphynx cats actually require grooming care more frequently. Why? Well, Sphynx cats produce lots of oils on their skin. This oil builds up a lot faster, as there isn’t any hair to catch the oil. This can lead to a cat ‘breakout.’ Yes – cats can have breakouts!

To avoid your kitty developing pimples, blackheads, or any acne – many vets recommend that Sphynx cats are bathed once a week. This will guarantee that the oil does not evolve into a film. Also, whenever you wash a Sphynx, you must remember to dry them completely. Keeping their skin wet can cause them to feel cold very quickly.

Hairless doesn’t mean hypoallergenic

Just because a cat doesn’t have long hair, doesn’t make it hypoallergenic! That’s because cat allergies aren’t a direct result of just hair. Cat allergies can result from a cat’s urine, dander, or saliva. Sphynx cats have all of these, of course, making them just as allergenic as other breeds.

Fall more in love with the Sphynx cat yet? It’s hard not to – these felines are very unique. If you or someone you know is looking to take a Sphynx home, sharing this list of Sphynx facts may help them understand a little more about the special cat they’ll be welcoming to the family.

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