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Simple Ways To Show Your Cat You Appreciate Them

by Brittany

As humans, we reap a lot of benefits from living with our feline companions. At times, they can be affectionate and snuggly—maybe even hopping into our laps when we’re feeling a little blue. But how can we be sure that our cats know we love them? After all, it’s not exactly like we can express this verbally! In light of this, here are some simple ways to show your cat that you appreciate them.

Observe Your Cat

This tip is fairly easy. It’s also hands-off. If you have a newer cat, you may not know her preferences yet. Even if you’ve been roommates awhile, take a moment to observe your old pal. It’s important to understand what your cat likes and doesn’t like. Observing her allows you to notice her quirks and how she spends her time. These observations will help guide you in showing your appreciation for her.

Make Time for Play

On those hectic days with a million things to do, dropping everything to play with your cat might sound impossible. However, this is a wonderful way to show your cat you love and appreciate him. Now, he won’t know that you’re prioritizing him over other stuff. But he will definitely appreciate some play time with his human. Cats need to be active—even indoor cats. They don’t always love playing on their own because it can be boring. Take a five minute break to wave kitty’s favorite toy around. You’ll relax a bit and he will love interacting with you.

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Show Love Through Food

Ever heard the saying the way to someone’s heart is through his stomach? Well, this is also kind of true for cats. Indoor cats especially rely on us to provide their daily food. While that’s critical to survival, take it up a notch. Ensure that you’re feeding kitty quality food. Good ingredients will keep her satisfied and full. Not to mention she’ll look and feel better all around. Consider your cat’s taste preferences too. If she loves tuna from the table, try a seafood flavor kibble.

Use Positive Reinforcement

As you’re training your cat, be sure to use positive reinforcement. Never punish or yell at your kitty. She likely won’t understand why you’re angry. Plus, discipline isn’t necessarily effective for correcting feline behavior. Instead, praise her when she uses her scratching post instead of the furniture. You can also give her a treat if she cuddles with you or lets you pet her.

Slow Blink at Her

Cats are big fans of the old slow blink. If you’re rushing out the door and only have a minute, slow blink at your cat. This lets her know you love her in ‘cat language,’ if you will. It’s super simple and lets you quickly convey you appreciate your kitty.

Respect the Personal Bubble

Every cat has her own preferences on space. Some cats will follow their humans around all day, every day. Other cats want nothing to do with a human until it’s lunch time. Still others are somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Appreciating your cat starts with respecting your cat. That includes her preference for, or aversion to, together time. Savor those rare snuggles from a standoffish kitty. And appreciate the extra quality time from a cat who follows you around. Respecting your cat will definitely let her know that you love and appreciate her!

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