Scared Kitten Turns Out To Be The Strange Sound Coming From Woman’s SUV

When temperatures start to drop, many cat lovers know to practice precaution when starting up our cars if they’re parked outdoors. Banging on your hood or honking your horn before starting your car’s engine can ultimately mean the difference for the life of a scared cat. Sadly, many cats and kittens will hide in car engine’s for warmth and the car owner will have no idea unless they look. For one little gray kitten, he turned out to be the cause for concern for one woman who owns a Hyundai Tucson SUV.

kitten rescue

After hearing a strange sound for a few days, Dotty Karabin thought it best to take her SUV in to be checked at her local Hyundai dealership in Palatine, Illinois. She was in for a very big surprise once the hood was opened up and a scared kitten popped out—and then right back in likely scared out of his mind. Thankfully, they were able to pry the kitten out with some coaxing. And aside from being hungry and scared, he seemed to be alright. One woman at the dealership fell in love instantly, and little “Tucson” now found himself a forever home!

See the video below courtesy of ABC7 News:

I’m very relieved to know that this kitten turned out to be okay, many cats and kittens that seek shelter inside of car engines are not always so lucky. Here’s to wishing little Tucson and his sweet human a long and happy life together—hopefully without any more scary adventures like that ever again!

Like I mentioned, kittens hiding from the elements during the wintertime is all too common. Check out the story of another kitten in Maryland who was rescued by firefighters—who even went above and beyond the call of duty to find her a forever home.

kitten and firefighter

And, please, remember to always check under your hood should your car be parked outside in freezing temperatures. This is a reminder that should be shared, it could mean the difference in a cat’s life being spared.

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