Firefighters Save Kitten From Car Engine And Help Find Her A Home

Doing nice things, especially for animals in need, is something that the world certainly needs more of. This week, a tiny kitten was discovered trapped in a car’s engine in a Panera parking lot in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The Baltimore County Fire Department arrived on the scene to help the tiny baby in need, because as they said in their social post, #allcreatures lives matter!

Check out a brief newsclip on the story courtesy of CBS Baltimore 13 News:


Look at these sweet images they shared on their Twitter account…

Thank you for springing into action to save this little baby and going above and beyond to help find the kitten a home! This also serves as an important reminder that as the temperatures start to drop, cats and kittens will sometimes find their way into these dangerous areas in search for warmth. As the temperatures keep dropping, always check under your hood before starting your car!

Thank you for showing everyone that #allcreatures matter! The world can certainly use more purrfect feel good stories just like this.

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