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  2. Cube Cat Bed

    by Meyou Paris

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    Key Highlights of the Meyou Paris Cube Cat Bed
  3. Who Needs the Meyou Paris Cube Cat Bed and Why
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Key Points

  • The Meyou Paris Cube cat bed improves the aesthetic of your home's decor.

  • A cat that keeps you up at night may need a separate space with their own bed.

  • Most cats enjoy a cave-like atmosphere as a retreat when they nap.

  • The Meyou Paris Cube is higher in price, but you pay for quality materials.

Searching for the perfect bed can be an exhausting task, especially for finicky felines. On top of that, it's challenging to find one that fits well in your living space. A pet bed doesn't have to be an unsightly monstrosity in your living room.

That's where the Meyou Paris Cube cat bed comes in — it's stylish, beautiful, and functional. It may be high-priced, but isn't your cat worth it? The superior quality and comfort put this bed in a league of its own. It's not often that you find an elegant piece of furniture that doubles as a cat bed.

This article explores the features of this luxury bed as well as its positives and negatives, helping you decide whether to buy it for your domicile.

Cube Cat Bed

by Meyou Paris

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Key Highlights of the Meyou Paris Cube Cat Bed

Some aspects of this unique bed strike you right away, but some are more subtle. These five qualities make it stand out above the rest:

  • This bed's wool cocoon offers a warm, snug retreat loved by cats due to its heat-retaining feature. It's an excellent pick for winter months.

  • Its dual function as a comfortable bed and a playful hideout caters to feline instincts, making it a perfect retreat for cats.

  • The cube's modern, architectural design is aesthetically appealing and blends seamlessly with your home's decor, enhancing your living space's look rather than disrupting it.

  • Constructed from sustainable, high-quality materials, this cat bed promises durability and longevity, provided your cat isn't a heavy scratcher.

  • Despite its slightly higher cost, the array of benefits that the Meyou Paris Cube offers in terms of design, comfort, and quality make it a valuable investment for your feline companion.

Who Needs the Meyou Paris Cube Cat Bed and Why

The Meyou Paris Cube is perfect for cat owners who want a cat bed that's also a conversation piece and a work of architectural art. With this stylish piece of furniture, you don't have to compromise on your interior aesthetics.

This bed is an absolute delight for cats who love finding cozy corners or enclosed spaces to retreat to. They may not have an eye for interior design, but they know what they like. The dark cave-like atmosphere appeals to a feline's nature. It's especially helpful for senior cats with joint issues and kittens that get cold easily, as the cocoon helps contain your cat's body heat.

Some cats keep their owners up at night with their restless activity. If your cat does this, you may need to enact behavioral modifications like playing with them before bed to wear them out or giving them a big meal. If these don't work, your cat may need a separate space with their own bed.

Veterinarian Sandra C. Mitchell suggests how to get your cat to sleep at night: "[Y]ou may have to take control of your own space and close the door. You can also set up a comfortable “cat space” where your cat can spend the night but can’t disturb you. This could be as simple as a room outfitted with food, water, some toys, and a litter pan."

A separate space for your feline must include a bed that they enjoy, or they'll end up scratching at your bedroom door. The Meyou Paris Cube may be exactly what they need. Consider the pros and cons before you decide.

Positifs et Négatifs

As with most products, the Meyou Paris Cube comes with pros and cons. On the positive side, it offers a mix of functionality and style with its modern design, cozy wool interior, and sturdy construction. It comes in a wide array of colors — for both the cocoon material and the frame — making it easy to match your home's decor. No more putting away your cat's unsightly, fur-covered bed when guests come over. Simply turn the opening away and no one will know it's a cat bed.

The cube is not just a bed — it also doubles as a playful hideout for your felines. The comfortable cushion inside makes a perfect napping spot, and it's conveniently machine-washable. Simply vacuum off the loose hair and toss it into the washer.

However, there are some drawbacks. A larger cat may have trouble fitting into the opening or feel scrunched inside. Although the cube structure is sturdy, heavy scratching may cause visible wear over time. The outer material of the cocoon may not fare well against roughly playful kitties, and it's hand-wash only.

Additionally, all the bed's great features come at a higher price point. However, the quality, design, and sheer cat appeal make the Meyou Paris Cube worth every penny. If your cats could talk, they'd say the same too! Despite these caveats, the pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons. Remember, a happy cat makes for a happier home!

What To Look For in a Cat Bed

When shopping for a cat bed, there are a few major factors to consider. First and foremost is the comfort of your pet. Look for a bed that's soft, warm, and provides a sense of security.

Cats often like being in enclosed spaces, so consider designs that cater to this preference. In an article from May 2023, Reader's Digest explores a few reasons why cats like enclosed spaces like boxes, including warmth and security. Meyou Paris provides both of these aspects in their beds.

If you're unsure what type of sleeper your cat is, find a bed that's versatile. If your cat doesn't like sleeping close to the ground, get one you can put on a wide shelf or dresser, like the Meyou Paris Cube.

In addition to comfort, size is also critical. The bed should be spacious enough for your cat to stretch out but still cozy enough to make them feel secure. If you have cats that like to sleep together, make sure the bed can accommodate them. Multiple cats may like separate spaces, so consider getting two beds.

Quality and convenience also play significant roles when picking the perfect bed. Make sure the materials are durable and can withstand your cat's scratching or biting. It should be easy to clean during regular maintenance.

Finally, think of yourself. A cat bed will be a part of your interior, so it should blend well with your décor. The Meyou Paris Cube excels in all these parameters — comfort, size, quality, and design.

Cube Cat Bed

by Meyou Paris

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Say Au Revoir to Basic Beds

Could you get a basic affordable bed for your cat? Sure. Will it look as good as the Meyou Paris Cube? Not likely. Does it have a sturdy frame and a cave-like atmosphere? Probably not.

Despite its relatively higher cost and the potential wear from scratching, the array of benefits the Meyou Paris Cube offers — from design to comfort, from playfulness to quality — far outweighs the cons. If you want to provide your cat a luxurious cozy corner while preserving your home's aesthetic appeal, this cat bed should be on your shopping list.

Have a chat with your cat about the bed that's best for them. Ask if they want the Meyou Paris Cube. You might hear them say, "Oui, Meowsieur!"

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