Sailor The Maine Coon Will Sail Away With Your Heart

When it comes to Maine Coon cats, we know that many of these kitties have a thing for water. And this is certainly true for two perfectly fluffy Floridian felines named Fisher and Sailor. I had the privilege of writing about the famous water-loving feline named Fisher last year, so, I figured why not reach out again to see if I could learn more about his cat bro. Sailor is growing quite popular himself, and I figured other cat lovers out there would want to get to know more about this famous little sibling. Clearly, there’s no sibling rivalry here, because sweet Fisher is happy to share the spotlight and the love with his little brother.

What inspired you to get another cat?

Fisher has always loved other animals. He longed for the attention of a partner in crime, so when he fell sick with cancer, we wanted to find every avenue to provide him joy during his journey. Along came Sailor, he brought him joy, craziness, and lots of fun. 

I’m sure you had several name options for him, what made you decide that Sailor was the perfect fit?

Fisher needed a first mate, so Sailor was a natural fit. As Fisher loves to be on the water, on the boat, or on a paddle board, we knew having a Sailor to our Captain Fisher would be sweet.

How does he feel about riding on the boat—and water in general?

He is a natural! He loves the boat, is curious, and insists on either being able to see out to the water or being next to his brother in their seat. He is an excellent spotter for dolphins and manatees.

How do he and Fisher get along with one another?

They do well. They play and sleep with each other. But as it is with any sibling, they have their moments. Sailor is a kind soul, he understands Fisher is his big brother and follows his lead. We’re lucky that their personalities and dispositions loan themselves for them to figure out their dynamic. Their favorite thing to do together is travel in the car or be in our travel trailer, they love helping each other spot birds and squirrels.

What are his favorite hobbies?

Everything he has tried. He is enthusiastic and has very little apprehension. So far, the boat and travel are his favorites. But that is followed closely by riding with his dad in his bike basket.

What is something special you want for others to know about Sailor?

He is a sweet soul. He has the mean mug of a Maine Coon, with the gentlest disposition.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Fisher’s cat dad and mom, Finn and Lo, for allowing me to share more about Sailor with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on Sailor and his cat bro, be sure to check them on their social media links below.




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