Passed Up For Looking “Too Boring”, Now Senator Butterscotch Rules The Roost

Senator Butterscotch

If you’re anything like me, well, then you have a soft spot in your heart for ginger cats. These orange felines have a natural ability for leaving forever pawprints on our hearts with their friendly personalities and beautiful looks. For one super orange ginger boy, he was passed up by potential adopters because they couldn’t see his beauty. But, thankfully, this sweet cat was given a chance to shine thanks to one kindhearted woman. I caught a glimpse of this eye-catching feline with scrolling through the Cattitude Daily Facebook page and was instantly smitten with this ultra-orange Absyinnian-like tabby. And, something tells me, you will be too!

Senator Butterscotch

How did Senator Butterscotch come into your life?

Butters was born in my closet in July 2021. All of his littermates found homes but no one wanted him because he was “boring” looking.

How did you come up with his name?

He’s sweet and caramelly so I named him Butterscotch. He’s a senator because he has a firm opinion on how our home is run.

Senator Butterscotch

What is his personality like?

He is very loving and cheeky. He loves playing with my oldest son and he is a nanny-cat to my baby.

What are his favorite hobbies?

His hobbies are cuddles, playing fetch with socks, and begging for treats. If I’m not fast enough, he’ll nibble the back of my legs or get on the counter and tap my shoulder.

Senator Butterscotch

Does he have any other cat or dog housemates at home?

He lives with his mother, Bow, and the house mother, Mikey. (Both cats)

What’s something special you’d like for others to know about Butters?

He is the most friendly cat. He’s very mellow and nothing seems to bother him. His fur is so soft! I can’t get enough of his belly! We call him Butters and The Butt.

I want to give a special “thank you” to Senator Butterscotch’s cat mom, Erin, for allowing me to share his story and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Stories like his just go to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I’m glad Butters has someone to appreciate his beauty—both inside and out.

Senator Butterscotch


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